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Control the new Neato smart vacuum by voice via Alexa

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With consumers increasingly interested in smart devices, Neato Robotics has launched the first robot vacuum that can be connected to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

The Neato vacuum can be turned on via Alexa with a simple command. Neato connects to Alexa via a skill accessible by searching for Neato within the Smart Home skills that are part of the Alexa mobile app, and enabling it. The vacuum can be controlled with four different commands, including start, stop, pause, and resume. This convenience means that users can continue about their daily tasks while still getting their housecleaning done.

The Botvac uses patented technology that includes laser scanning, continuous room mapping, and object detection to clean effectively. Neato changes course when it encounters an obstacle, navigates from room to room even in the dark, and will return to its charging base when it requires charging. The smart technology even returns the vacuum to where it left off when charging is finished.

The unique D-shaped design of the vacuum allows it to get into corners and up against walls. With the largest dust bins and brushes on the market, the Neato vacuum can cover a broader area and pick up more dirt than any other unit currently on the market.

Looking to the future, Neato is hoping to add more Alexa commands including scheduling and specific cleaning modes. The firm is also looking into adding Alexa connectivity to its other models. There are 3 connected models currently on the market, including the D3 and D5 models, but only the original Botvac Connected is currently Alexa-enabled.

The Botvac Connected retails for $699. In honor of Black Friday, Neato has a special for consumers who purchase a Botvac Connected — a free Amazon Dot Echo. In order to utilize the special, consumers need to search for the Botvac Connected by Neato on Amazon’s website. The promotion runs from Black Friday until December 23, 2016.

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