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Want an office like the Pied Piper’s? At least you can get the standing desk

The ubiquitous office supply of the 21st-century company isn’t a notepad, a printer, or even a laptop — really, if you want to achieve bona fide status as a tech-savvy, forward-thinking, office-culture-advancing organization, you’ve got to have your very own fleet of standing desks. And here to fulfill that calling is Varidesk, which debuted its new height-adjustable Pro Desk 60 workstation on Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley. So if you’re looking to emulate the headquarters of Pied Piper, this is the full-sized, sit-stand worktable for you. 

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“Companies based in Silicon Valley are leaders in building active office environments, and at the core of those offices are sit-stand desk solutions like Varidesk,” said Jason McCann, the company’s CEO. “The majority of research shows that non-sedentary work environments can increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and help combat the list of health issues that stem from long hours of sitting.” 

The latest in Varidesk’s offerings, the Pro Desk 60, boasts a comfortable, 60-inch work surface that can host all your monitors and hardware, and even some succulents or chatchkes too, if you’re feeling those lately. With nine different height settings that you can adjust in seconds, you’ll be able to go from sitting to standing in no time at all (or vice versa, of course). And like the rest of its Varidesk family, the Pro Desk 60 works with a companion app that will let you know when it’s time to get up or sit down throughout the work day. 

“The active office movement is the standard for how all offices will be set up going forward,” McCann added. After all, with research showing that a non-sedentary work environment gives way to improved productivity, increased cognitive function, weight loss, alleviated back pain, and the reduced risk of chronic diseases, this may be the one piece of office equipment you can’t live without. 

The Pro Desk 60 ($795) is available on Shipping is free.


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