Viacom Embraces More Online Video Services

Viacom is taking another major step into online video, announcing new deals that will bring video programming from its stable of cable network and programming initiatives to online video services Dailymotion, GoFish, imeem, MeeVee, and Veoh Networks. The online video services will offer long- and short-form videos from the likes of MTV, CMT, Comedy Central, VH!, Spike TV, LOgo , Nickelodeon, Atom Films, and GameTrailers as part of the company’s overall online syndication strategy. The deals compliment earlier announcements of pushing the same content out through AOL, Bebo, Comcast Fancast, Joost, and MSN.

“We believe in a targeted approach to online video syndication, which means working with select partners who value our content and have the ability to build deep and interactive experiences around it,” said MTV Networks’ executive VP Greg Clayman, in a statement. . “By partnering with these premium online video destinations, we’re giving our audiences even more opportunities to interact with our content and each other online, while increasing engagement with our brands and driving viewership back to our core linear channels and Web properties. We are delighted to be in business with partners who respect the value of our content and are proactive about protecting it from piracy.”

Viacom isn’t kidding about its perception of online piracy as a threat. The company is currently pursuing a $1 billion copyright infringement suit with Google over content posted to the company’s YouTube video sharing service.

Viacom plans to work with each partner to market the video programming—the content will be features in standalone channels within each service. The clips and videos will be ad-supported, but users will be able to embed clips in their own blogs, Web sites, or social networking profiles.

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