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The weirdest cooling gadgets currently available on Amazon

These gadgets may be weird, but they'll help keep you cool during the summer

Amazon is like a jungle — you can find just about everything under the sun ranging from the exotic, all the way to the ordinary. When it comes to tech gadgets, though, some of us may have that impulsive nature to spring ahead and buy without proper thought. It’s made more poignant when you’re in desperation.

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Take, for example, the recent heat wave that struck most of the nation. The heat and humidity can cause some folks to be more lenient when it comes to spending habits when they’re looking for relief, so it’s possible for them to buy without hesitation. Yes, we have gadgets and gizmos that can provide relief from the tormenting weather, like some smart beds and thermostats, but the devices we’re going to be diving into here are odd, to say the least, especially for the tech community.

The products below aren’t conventional, nor do they come to mind first when you’re thinking about stuff that can help you stay cool. If you’re daring enough to try something new, however, or just downright desperate, then check out some of the gear below that you can buy on Amazon right now.

FecPecu Hand Free Fan

There’s no denying this one looks weird. It’s like a monstrosity born from the marriage of one of those around-the-neck-style headphones and a portable fan, but the FecPecu Hand Free Fan aims to help keep you cool by delivering a constant breeze to your face. Just one look, it’s really hard to imagine that this thing is for real because it looks obnoxious. But you know what? It seems legit enough because it has received a generous rating from various reviewers.

Featuring dual fans that can be articulated in almost any way, it’ll blast a breeze toward your face at three adjustable speeds. And for those looking to have a pleasant smell to accompany the breeze, there’s a built-in aroma box to add the fragrance of your liking. Battery-powered and charged via a Micro USB port, you can just about bring the FecPecu Hand Free Fan anywhere! The only problem you’re likely to encounter are the stares you’ll receive in public.

G2T N1 PlusElectric Neck Warming and Cooling Scarf

An alternative way of cooling down is by applying something cold directly to your body. The next gadget is actually marketed as an electric neck-warming and cooling scarf. You wear this gadget around your neck to help cool you off. Now, at first glance, it looks rather strange, but G2T’s device can easily pass for a pair of headphones.

The bigger question is, how does it work? Amazon’s listing details all the specs and main features, but doesn’t go into detail about how the device operates. It does require a separate power source, however, so if you plan on using it on the go, you’ll need to carry a power bank. Based on the info that’s provided, it doesn’t require any coolants of any kind to work, meaning there’s no need to add water or ice to it. Hopefully, it’s not entirely reliant on the fans. But, hey, it’ll absorb the heat around your neck if you need the extra comfort of staying cool.

USB Type-C and Lightning port fans

You’ve seen them before — probably at some discount store — but the quickest and most inexpensive way for you to stay cool is by using these attachable fans that affix to your smartphone. Available for USB-C-equipped Android phones and Apple products featuring a Lightning port, these fans are convenient to set up and juiced using your smartphone. Pop them on if you need some relief from the heat! The best part? They’re typically available for under $10.

Handheld Misting Fan

A step up from the attachable fan for smartphones, the various handheld misting fans on Amazon offer even more relief because they spray a mist while blowing air. They’re also battery-powered for easy operation, and rechargeable via USB. This particular model even features the ability to change colors, allowing you to cycle through LEDs embedded in the fan. Not only will it cool you with mist, but it will make you look cool while in use. As you might expect, they’re a smidge more expensive than the aforementioned attachable fans, so expect to pay around $20.

Personal Air Cooler 4-in-1 Air Space Conditioner

Fans are great, but there’s no comparison to an air conditioner. And that’s exactly what’s last on our list here, a portable AC unit that’s USB-powered. Not only is this cube-sized contraption a cooling fan, but it also acts as both a humidifier and air purifier. If that wasn’t enough, it even features color-changing LEDs that can adapt to your mood.

The premise is rather interesting with this personal model, too. To blast air that’s cooler than your ordinary fan, you’re required to fill it up with water and ice, which makes sense. From there, it delivers an uninterrupted wave of chill air — perfect for those extra warm days. Best of all, you’re not spending a fortune, as this particular model can be purchased for under $40.

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