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We tried these weird cooling gadgets on Amazon to see what’s practical to use

Every year right before the start of the summer, we rummage through Amazon’s vast listings to uncover any of those weird cooling gadgets that offer relief during those brutal summer days. Step foot outside, and you may feel like you’re melting in the intense heat and humidity. Yes, we have useful gadgets and gizmos that can provide relief from the tormenting weather, like some smart beds and thermostats, but the tech devices we’re going to be diving into here are odd, to say the least.

Like its namesake, Amazon can be a jungle — you can find just about everything under the sun, from the exotic to the ordinary. When it comes to tech gadgets, some of us may have that impulsive nature to impulse buy, which becomes even stronger when we’re desperate for a solution. If you’re daring enough to try something new, however, then check out some of the gear below that you can buy on Amazon right now. Or just take a look at the best coolers to buy and keep the cold drinks coming.

Unlike past endeavors, though, this time we actually bought some of these oddities — to let you if they’re practical or not.

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USB Type-C and Lightning port fans

John Velasco / Digital Trends

You’ve seen them before — probably at some discount store — but the quickest and most inexpensive way for you to stay cool is by using an attachable fan that affixes to your smartphone. Available for USB-C-equipped Android phones and Apple products featuring a Lightning port, these fans are convenient to set up and juice using your smartphone. Pop one on if you need some relief from the heat. The best part? They’re typically available for under $10. We found a four-pack for under $9, which is not too shabby of a deal if you somehow misplace one.

These attachable fans are both practical and effective when it comes to cooling you down. You won’t look too weird using one in public, but the speed is strong enough to quickly cool you down on the warmest days. The only trouble is storing them when they’re not being used. With the one we used, you can remove the fan from the motor for better storage — especially if you want to just stuff it in your pocket.

Multifunctional Pocket Fans

John Velasco / Digital Trends

Today’s pocket fan has evolved to meet the demands of consumers. We picked up the Jisulife Pocket Handheld Fan off Amazon for under  $15 and it’s arguably the best solution on this list because it’s affordable, effectively cools, and doesn’t look too out of this world like some of the other stuff. Even better, it’s a multifunctional gadget that doubles as a battery bank complete with a USB-A port to charge any gadget on the go — as well as a flashlight for emergencies.

This pocket fan is portable enough to fit in your pocket or a small bag, but it’s useful that you don’t need to hold it in your hand to use. That’s because you can flip the grip around so that it can stay upright on flat surfaces. We really love multi-functional gadgets, so this one stands out the most and something we’d recommend picking up.

Wearable fans

Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s no denying how weird this one looks. It’s like a monstrosity born from the marriage of one of those around-the-neck-style headphones and a portable fan. It may lack in aesthetic, but the YunJeTech Hand Free Personal Neck Fan will help keep you cool by delivering a constant breeze to your face. Even though some folks may be skeptical about reviews and ratings on Amazon, we’re actually quite impressed by its effectiveness.

Featuring dual fans that can be articulated in almost any way, it’ll blast a breeze toward your face at three adjustable speeds. You can also still use it when it’s not worn, since the neckband is firm enough to prop itself upright — so you can blast cool air onto your face while it’s resting on a flat surface. Battery-powered and charged via a Micro USB port, you can bring the YunJeTech Hand Free Personal Neck Fan just about anywhere.

While effective in cooling you down, the downside of this is just how obnoxious it looks using it. Needless to say, it definitely draws attention — more so when you activate the color-changing LED lights within the blades. If you’re able to overcome the obnoxious look, this sub-$10 wearable fan gets the job done!

Neck Cooling Scarf

An alternative way of cooling down is by applying something cold directly to your body. This gadget is billed as an electric neck-warming and -cooling scarf. You wear this gadget around your neck to help cool you off. At first glance, it looks rather strange, but G2T’s device can easily pass for a pair of headphones.

Amazon’s listing details all the specs and main features, but doesn’t go into detail about how the device operates. It does require a separate power source, however, so if you plan on using it on the go, you’ll need to carry a power bank. It doesn’t require any coolants of any kind to work, meaning there’s no need to add water or ice to it.

Handheld Misting Fans

Image used with permission by copyright holder

A step up from the attachable fan for smartphones, the various handheld misting fans on Amazon offer even more relief as they spray a mist while blowing air. They’re also battery-powered for easy operation and rechargeable via USB. This particular model even features the ability to change colors, allowing you to cycle through LEDs embedded in the fan. Not only will it cool you with mist, but it will make you look cool while you use it. They’re a bit more expensive than the aforementioned attachable fans, so expect to pay around $20.

USB  powered portable air conditioners

John Velasco / Digital Trends

Fans are great, but there’s no comparison to an air conditioner. And that’s exactly what’s last on our list here — a portable AC unit that’s USB-powered. Not only is this cube-sized contraption a cooling fan, but it also acts as both a humidifier and air purifier. It even features color-changing LEDs that can adapt to your mood.

We’ve been checking out the Evapolar Evasmart and have to admit that it’s effective for small spaces. In order to achieve its maximum potential, you need to fill it up with water and ice, which makes sense. It delivers an uninterrupted wave of chilled air — perfect for those extra warm days. Unlike traditional air conditioners, you can bring this just about anywhere because it only needs a USB port for power. You can even go camping and have it inside your tent, so you don’t have to suffer through the night if the air is still.

Even though it’s able to deliver the coolest breeze, you’re forking over such a huge sum buying it at more than $260. You could very well spend double the amount and pick up a portable air conditioner that does the job substantially better. Still, the thought of carrying this around just about anywhere is undeniably appealing.

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