Welcome to Twitterature

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They’re calling it Twitterature, books condensed into 20 Tweets or sentences, each with less than 140 characters – the length of a message on micro-blogging site Twitter.

However, it won’t be on the site itself, it will be appearing in a new book to be published by Penguin this fall. It’s the brainchild of a pair of University of Chicago students, Emmett Rensin and Alex Aciman, wanting to catch the cultural Zeitgeist, along with the "pure-money genius to take the market by storm," they claim.

With Twitterature, they say, "we have embarked on an attempt to bring the two pillars of our generation together, once and for all."

Possibly. But are their plans to squash literary greats like Dante, Joyce, Shakespeare and, er, J.K. Rowling, creating a new art form or simply ripping the guts out of literature in the name of a fast buck?

We’ll all discover later this year. But applaud them for one thing – they’ve discovered how to make some money out of Twitter.