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Whirlpool introduces dishwashers and washers that order more detergent for you

Running low on detergent? Don’t worry. Your washer already knows and ordered you more. That’s the idea behind Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service. The retailer paired with lots of companies this year — including General Electric, Samsung, August, Gmate, Oster, and Obe — but Whirlpool is among the first to unveil an appliance with Dash technology built in. At CES 2016, the company is debuting several appliances that work with DRS, as well as Nest.

The Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer pair ($1,399 each) let users sync the Whirlpool app with their Amazon accounts, and the appliance then estimates how much detergent and how many dryer sheets they have left. When supplies run low, Amazon will send more. The machines also work with Nest, so they can switch to Eco Mode when you’re not home. This saves energy when you’re not waiting around for a pair of clean jeans. The connected washer and dryer have other capabilities too, like sending you an alert when your pants are finally dry or letting you download fancy new cycles.

There are other appliances in the Whirlpool lineup that work with these partners. The Smart Dishwasher also works with Dash to order you more detergent, and the Smart Front Control Range knows when you’re not home, thanks to Nest, and can alert you if you left the oven on.

Not all of Whirlpool’s appliances are smart. The firm is also introducing a closet-depth washer and dryer and another, much larger capacity laundry pair. The new top load washer and dryer have 6.2 cubic feet of space and can clean 26 pounds of clothing at once. The washer has two cool features that in our view would be ideally suited to pair with Amazon’s Dash Replacement Service, but aren’t. It has “Load & Go” and “Adaptive Wash Technology.” You can load 14 loads worth of detergent in the dispenser, and the machine will use just the right amount based on your cycle. GE is working on something similar with Dash, and Miele has a similar feature on some machines, though without using Amazon.

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