Why isn’t this adjustable ironing board a real product yet?

E-Board ironing board concept

Ironing is one of those chores you can easily screw up even with years of practice. Common mistakes include ironing on carpets and burning the surface (you’d be surprised how many people don’t know that!), setting the heat too low or high, placing the corners of clothes wrong so no matter how many times you iron and flip, the clothes still come out with odd wrinkly lines. That’s why we wonder why this E-Board concept isn’t an existing product yet.

E-Board ironing board concept planIf you anything like me, figuring out how to get clothes around a traditional ironing board feels too much like a puzzle game. With the E-Board (short for Easy Board), simply maneuver the ironing space into the shape of your selected clothing item and fit the clothes in via its regular outine. Eliminating the fuss, all you have to do is press away before turning the apparel over and doing the same.

The E-Board contains five different components to help it shape-shift into your desired outfit. For example, the board can split at the sides in a wing-like manner to fit shirt sleeves, or break through the middle for pants. All the user has to dial is spin the dial at the side for the setting they need. Imagine the time you can save by eliminating the need to turn clothes around 360 degrees, little by little to get all the wrinkles ironed out. According to the prototype design, the E-Board also comes with a hanger and iron stand to keep all your necessary tools in place. Though, we do have to giggle at the fact that the rendering shows a woman ironing jeans. Does anyone iron denim pants anymore? We supposed that if we did own E-Board, we’ll iron anything now that we have some extra time saved up.

The product design by Mohsen Jafari Malek recently received a 2012 iF Design Talents concept design award. Maybe he should submit it to Quirky for an immediate mass production to turn this thing into reality.