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Wyze Bulb White changes color temperature at all times to match the sun

Everyone knows that the lighting in your home has an impact on everything from your mood to your productivity. Wyze aims to improve all these factors with a new bulb that adjusts its color temperature throughout the day based on the sun. This new Sun Match feature on the Wyze Bulb White shifts your bulbs from warm and soft light in the morning to a brilliant, cool light in the afternoon, and then back to warm in the evenings.

With a temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, these smart white bulbs run the gamut. They can be dimmed to fit the mood, but their maximum output of 800 lumens makes them perfect for any task. Combined with their Color Rendering Index of 90+, the Wyze Bulb White produces light that makes colors in your home look more vibrant.

Wyze Bulb White in a lamp.

Perhaps the best part of the Wyze Bulb White is its ease of setup. You can connect dozens of bulbs simultaneously through Bluetooth without the need for a hub. You can also set up sleep routines to help you wind down in the evenings and wake up more easily in the mornings, or use Vacation Mode to make it look like someone is at home even if you are lounging on a beach somewhere.

The Wyze Bulb White 4-pack is available today for pre-order for $32 and is slated to begin shipping sometime in November.

In addition to its new smart bulbs, Wyze is also releasing the Wyze Switch. You can control your lights and other smart devices through a single press of a button. The Wyze Switch is a physical wall switch that takes the place of a light switch, so it requires a bit more know-how to install.

That said, it’s packed with features. You can enable Vacation Mode on the switch and set up various schedules, timers, and automations. You can also control the switch through Google Assistant or Alexa. If you lose power, the Wyze Switch automatically connects to the same Wi-Fi network it was previously connected to the moment power is restored.

The Wyze Switch is available for preorder starting today for $33 for a three-pack, and is estimated to begin shipping in December.

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