Hot enough for you? Yecup 365 smart mug can heat or cool drinks on the go

There are times when enjoying a beverage at the perfect temperature seems as impossible as tracking down a Sasquatch, but a new wireless smart mug may solve that problem. In fact, it may even be the perfect item to bring along with you while looking for Bigfoot.

Yecup Technologies today announced the release of the Yecup 365, a temperature-adjustable mug capable of heating, cooling, and maintaining the temperature of its contents. Thanks to the company’s patented technology, boiling or cooling can be done within minutes, and a drink’s desired temperature can be held for hours. Users can set temperatures either using buttons on the mug itself or through Yecup’s app on their smartphone. Users can even create presets so that they’ll be able to easily enjoy each of their favorite beverages at the ideal temperature.

“I created Yecup 365 to give people the freedom to enjoy their drinks anywhere they choose at their preferred temperature for as long as they wanted,” said the company’s co-founder and CEO, Vigen Sanahyan, in a press release. “With Yecup’s patented temperature-control technology, beautiful design and simple user experience, people will only need to have one mug for all seasons.”

Not only is Yecup leak-proof and easy to carry around, it’s eco-friendly, given its stainless steel design and BPA-free lid. The mug’s battery can be charged either with its wireless charging dock or by AC adapter, and it can even be used to charge other devices, such as a phone or tablet. Yecup also includes lights that quickly provide temperature information; a glowing logo will let you know when your desired temperature has been reached, for example.

The Yecup app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offers added functionality. In addition to allowing you to set temperatures, it will allow you to check the current temperature and will alert you on your smartphone when your beverage is ready. Temperatures can be viewed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preference, and battery life is tracked as well.

Yecup currently comes in two sizes — Basic (12 ounces) and Premium (14 ounces) — and is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo. Prices start at $109 and mugs will begin shipping in September, just in time for fall and winter’s hot beverages.