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14-year-old creates hottest new iOS game

Robert and Kari NayShocking, we know, but Angry Birds has lost its top spot in the App Store. The hugely popular game has been knocked from number one by a game consisting of little more than platforms and a ball. Bubble Ball, created by eighth grader Robert Nay, was introduced last month and already skyrocketed to some two million downloads, earning it the distinguished title of number one free app for iOS devices.

The free game was launched under the 14-year-old’s production company, Nay Games, and with minimal assistance from his mother Kari, Nay is responsible for the app’s development and programming. Nay used the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile to create the physics-based puzzle game, and learned the programming language Lua. Nay worked for roughly a month and a half, and ultimately wrote more than 4,000 lines of code for Bubble Ball. According to an interview with ABC News, Nay has always had a knack with software, creating his own website by third grade.

Nay says he’s interested in adding an in-game currency and purchasing options to create some revenue in the future. He’s also planning another app, which for now is classified.

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