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Apple Arcade might be the new game subscription service worth signing up for

Apple Arcade will launch this fall bringing a new game-subscription service with cross-platform support for iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. At launch, the service will feature more than 100 exclusive games, with more added to the service regularly.

Apple is offering bonus credit for iTunes and App Store shoppers

Apple is offering a 10 percent bonus when you add funds to your Apple ID account, paving the way for a few free purchases of apps, music tracks, movies, and more. The offer runs through March 14, so you'll have to hurry.

Twice as many publishers earned first million on Apple App Store vs Google Play

Apple's App Store has created 164 new millionaire publishers in 2018, compared to only 88 from the Google Play Store. The breakdown of the publishers in terms of app categories were very different between the platforms.

The Supreme Court is skeptical that the App Store isn't a monopoly

The Supreme Court has decided to hear an interesting case that could decide whether or not Apple has a monopoly on app distribution. The case could have far-reaching implications for a number of tech companies.

Tumblr for iOS vanishes from App Store, possibly due to inappropriate content

Tumblr for iOS is currently only allowing searches in Safe Mode, and it is not available on the App Store. The speculation is that the app's disappearance had something to do with inappropriate content.

Microsoft Office 365 apps will hit the revamped Mac App Store later this year

During the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple said Microsoft is working on Office 365 apps for the Mac App Store. They're likely based on Apple's just-revealed support for the iOS development platform in MacOS Mojave.

Apple removes apps with CallKit framework from the app store in China

Following the enforcement of new regulation from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Apple is removing apps that use the CallKit framework. Just last year, Apple removed VPN apps from China.

Apple is removing apps that overshare your location data with third parties

Apple has begun removing apps from the App Store that are in violation of location data policies. That means that if an app shares your location with third parties without your permission, it's being kicked off the platform.

Apps featured by the Apple App Store saw a bump of up to 800% in downloads

It has long been the dream of iOS app developers everywhere to land a coveted spot on one of the App Store's featured lists. But it's not just bragging rights that these developers are winning -- it could also be a major spike in downloads

The amount users spent on iPhone apps in the U.S. rose 23 percent last year

In 2017, U.S. iPhone owners spent nearly a quarter more money on in-app purchases than they did in 2016. The average user, in fact, spent $58 on in-app purchases -- up 23 percent from $47 in 2016

Can you really trust app store ratings? We asked the experts

With millions of apps to choose from, the review system is important in helping you find the best. But just how trustworthy is the typical app store review? Fake, paid, and incentivized reviews are all too real.

‘Florence’ is a superb meditation on love from the designer of ‘Monument Valley’

On the heels of Valentine's Day, we have a game that artfully captures what it feels like to fall in love. Florence, from the designer behind Monument Valley, is a brief but memorable visual novel available on iOS.

Google Play sees 19 billion apps downloaded in previous quarter

Google Play and Apple's App Store are only growing. A hefty 19 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play in the fourth quarter, giving Google a lead over Apple in app downloads.

Apple redesigns App Store web interface to be more in line with iOS

Apple has finally updated the web interface of the App Store to bring the design much more in line with the design of iOS. The redesign should make the interface much easier to navigate.

App Store guidelines require developers to disclose loot box reward chances

A new update to the App Store guidelines now requires developers to disclose the reward chances for any loot box in their games. The move comes after consumer backlash to the microtransaction-based system has grown.

Impressive ‘Cuphead’ iOS game is actually an elaborate scam

An iOS version of the run-and-gun platformer Cuphead found its way onto the App Store. It was taken down shortly after video game developer Studio MDHR confirmed it was a scam.

Apple builds excitement for future releases with App Store pre-orders

Don't want to forget that exciting new app release? Apple has introduced a pre-order system for the App Store, where you can register to receive your new app of choice automatically on the day of release.

Apple developers in China have made $17 billion in revenue since App Store launch

Apple executive Tim Cook shared that developers on the Apple platform have earned 112 billion yuan, or $16.93 billion in China. That figure is about 25 percent of the total earnings from the App Store.