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Here’s how to easily navigate the redesigned App Store in iOS 11

Did you download iOS 11? Notice the App Store looks completely different? Don't worry -- we've got you covered. Here's how to navigate the App Store in iOS 11.

Hundreds of fraudulent trading apps pulled from Google Play, Apple App Store

More than 300 fraudulent binary trading apps have been pulled from Google Play and the Apple App Store after an investigation by Australian regulators revealed that they were scamming people out of their money.

App Store update gives support reps the ability to respond to user reviews

Starting this week, Apple is extending the ability to reply to App Store user reviews to customer support representatives. Previously, responses were limited to only developers.

Apple Clears App Store of VPN apps and ad-blockers

To follow the App Store Developer Guidelines, Apple is only allowing adblock apps that use the Safari Content Blocker. It said it would take down other apps with features that offer to block advertising in third-party apps.

Apple’s new App Store policy will cut down on annoying ratings reminders

Apple is making an effort to cut down on ratings reminders -- the pop-ups that ask you to give a positive app review -- with new guidelines. Starting with iOS 11, developers will have to use Apple's official rating API.

Apple's redesigned App Store brings cleaner look puts new apps front and center

Apple has taken the wraps off of a totally redesigned App Store for iOS 11, its latest and greatest mobile operating system. The new App Store features both a cleaner look and an easier way to find new apps.

Since 2008, Apple’s App Store has paid more than $70 billion to developers

Apple announced that its global developer community has earned over $70 billion since the App Store launch in 2008. The App Store was able to beat last year's developer earnings of $50 billion.

Google Play Store will now let you know when recommended apps go on sale

Google is making it easier to keep tabs on promotions for apps on the Play Store. A new feature in the latest release notifies users when offers go live, and when new games are made available for pre-registration.

Wearsafe for Apple Watch puts peers in touch with loved ones in an emergency

Wearsafe Labs, the startup behind the Wearsafe Tag, launched a new Apple Watch app that connects users with loved ones in an emergency. It's available as part of Wearsafe's $5-per-month subscription

Parker Planners' iPad app could be the nicest iOS planner we've seen yet

Parker Planners is known for its paper planners, but the company just launched version 2.0 of its app -- bringing the app to the iPad. Perhaps the best new feature is integration with notes and to-dos on iOS.

Uber could reportedly track iPhone users who deleted the app and reset their phone

Uber's use of "fingerprinting" -- a method that allowed it to track iPhones that had been reset -- almost got it banned from the App Store. The ridehailing company reportedly used it to combat fraud.

Chinese officials are cracking down and blocking access to Apple's App Store

Chinese officials are reportedly cracking down on Apple's App Store. It's part of a broader push to impose content-based restrictions on digital goods and services in the region.

Apple’s new Clips app hit nearly a million downloads in just four days

Apple's new Clips app reached almost a million downloads only four days after its debut, but despite some heavy promotion on the app store, it has so far failed to break into the top 20 in the iOS chart.

Android apps could rake in more cash than iOS this year — but there’s a catch

Thanks to dominant market share and a rapidly growing install base in burgeoning markets, Android may finally pass iOS this year in terms of app revenue, according to a report from analytics firm App Annie.

Apple bars price references on new titles appearing in the App Store

Apple has long discouraged developers from referencing price in the titles of its apps, and now it appears the firm is cracking down with a new policy. Apps containing words like "free" are no longer permitted in the App Store.

Indie Showcase: Apple to prominently feature indie games for the long haul

Apple's Indie Showcase will give independent games a prominent place to shine on the App Store. Leading up to the reveal, Apple offered discounts on numerous indie games, some of which occupy spots in the top-10 paid chart.

The iPhone’s switch to iOS 11’s 64-bit chip could make 187,000 apps obsolete

Apple's upcoming iOS 11, which the company is expected to announce in June, could end support for more than 187,000 apps because of a reported mandatory switch to 64-bit apps and games on the App Store.

Apple is strictly enforcing its rules against third-party app update services

Apple has begun sending notices out to developers warning them about using third-party services for app updates. What does that mean? Apps will now only update through the App Store -- which could help make apps safer.