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China mandates all app stores must register with government

Announced as part of a crack down on security issues and malware, the Chinese government now requires all app stores operating within the country to register with its central authority.

Can Apple be sued for allegedly creating app monopoly? Appeals court says yes

According the a U.S. Appeals Court, Apple can be sued for creating an iOS app monopoly. Now, another case can go ahead as to whether or not the company actually has created an iOS app monopoly.

What's next for Fitbit? An app store of its own, according to its CEO

Fitbit is looking to launch its own wearable app store "as soon as possible." This is according to company co-founder and CEO James Park, who spoke at CES about Fitbit's plans for the new year.

Apple made a record-smashing $240M from the App Store on New Year's Day alone

Apple has reported that it made a massive $240 million in sales on New Years Day alone, smashing previous records. The company also reported sales for last year, reporting $20 billion in App Store sales -- up 40 percent from the year…

Apple has begun its massive purge of apps from the App Store

Apple has begun its massive purge of apps from the App Store. In fact, the company removed a hefty 47,300 apps during the month of October, representing a huge 238 percent increase compared to previous months this year.

Create a book from your favorite mobile photos with Blurb for iOS

Blurb simplifies the normal photo book design process by providing a streamlined set of options. Users can choose from two square sizes and one paper type, but it only takes a couple of minutes to design a high-quality, 20-page photo book.

iPhone users, you’ll start seeing Search Ads in the App Store from October 5

iPhone and iPad users are about to see sponsored results with their App Store searches. Starting October 5, developers can pay to have their apps appear higher in search results – a system Google's Play Store adopted just over a year ago.

Attention developers: Apple to start deleting outdated apps from App Store

Apple is about to make a few big changes to the App Store that are designed to make the store a little easier to navigate. What changes? Apple will soon delete outdated apps from the App Store, and is limiting app titles to 50 characters.

Intelligence firm: Apple's App Store will boast more than 5 million apps by 2020

The old adage that there’s an app for that is certainly getting more true every day. Sensor Tower, an app intelligence firm, is predicting that by 2020 the Apple App Store will boast over 5 million apps, more than doubling its size in…

Apple’s App Store has now paid more than $50 billion to developers

Fifty billion dollars, that's a lot of money. And that's how much Apple has so far paid to developers with software in its App Store. CEO Tim Cook also said that July turned out to be the most lucrative month for developers – and so…

Trends with Benefits: ‘Pokémon Go’ will make Apple billions, and a suitcase that’s a scooter

Portland's Funniest Person for 2016, Nariko Ott, joins in our discussion of how Pokémon Go is augmenting our reality. We also have hands-on impressions of Sony's game-changing Z series TV, and chat about the world's most absurd suitcase.

‘Pokémon Go’ just broke another major iPhone App Store record

In news that will probably surprise no one, since its debut earlier in July, Pokémon Go has become the app with the highest number of downloads during its launch week on the Apple App Store.

Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App…

China forces app stores to monitor users for 60 days

As the notoriously controlling Chinese government continues to tighten its grip around the digital goings-on around the nation, it's now released a new set of regulations that could affect more than half a billion Chinese smartphone users.

Google takes on Apple with better revenue deal for app developers, report says

On the same day that Apple revealed it's improving its revenue deal for app developers, a report suggested Google is planning a similar change, though with one important difference.

Apple announces major changes to its App Store

For years, we've been downloading our favorite iOS apps from the same App Store, but now, just days ahead of Apple's highly anticipated WWCD store, we're learning about some "major changes" to the app marketplace.

Use your iPhone’s camera to turn textbooks from boring to easy to read

Summize, the scanning app for iOS that summarizes textbook text, has returned with improved tools and a new look. The app now uses a freemium model, charging $2 a month or $14 a year for unlimited scans.

Apple’s App Store got out of the wrong side of bed this morning

If you woke up this morning unable to find the apps you wanted, you weren't alone. The App Store suffered an interesting problem, returning unrelated search results for many apps. The issue has since been resolved.