Amazon introduces Cloud Player app for the iPad and iPad mini


We enjoy anything that makes our lives more convenient, even if just a little. But we love when something comes out that makes our lives a lot more convenient. Which is why we were excited to read the latest press release from, Inc.

The company introduced its brand new Amazon Cloud Player app, which finally will allow users to access the files stored in their cloud on both the iPad and iPad Mini. The free app, which is available for download in the App Store, will not only allow users to stream music from the cloud on their device while connected to Wi-Fi or a network, but they’ll also be able to download files to play while offline.

A similar version of the app already existed for iPod touch and iPhone, so this is a welcome addition to the group. According to Steve Boom, vice president of digital music for Amazon, “We introduced our Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch last summer and it’s been incredibly popular with our customers so we’ve now expanded it to iPad. Our goal is to make Cloud Player the most widely compatible cloud playback solution available, giving our customers the ability to buy their music once and enjoy it everywhere.”

The app allows users to access all of their Amazon purchases and up to 250 imported songs in the Cloud Player for free. But, for those needing to import even more songs, they can pay $25 a year and import as many as 250,000 files.