Love scotch and Ron Burgundy? Then this is the game for you

anchorman 2 scotchy scotch toss mobile game

Ron Burgundy is everywhere lately. He’s on local news; he’s on ESPN; he’s in Dodge Durango commercials; he’s playing jazz flute on Conan; he has his own scotch; and now he’s got an app, too. Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss is now a real-life thing. Available for Android or iPhone, the game challenges you to toss ice cubes into Burgundy’s glass. Fail, and he’ll insult and shame you like only Ron Burgundy can.

We gave the game a download to try it out, and the idea is pretty simple: You toss your cubes by swiping in the right direction and with the right velocity, which are made random by a wind meter. We aren’t sure why it’s so windy inside an RV, behind Ron’s anchor desk, in Ron’s apartment, or at Tino’s Jazz Bar, but it most definitely is.

There isn’t a ton more to say. The quotes are fun and the game is … well, it’s definitely a game. If you like Anchorman quotes and Scorpion terrariums as much as we do, check it out. It’s $1 in the app stores. Be careful though. We’ve heard this app attracts bears. Here’s a trailer.