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Another iPhone Prototype Surfaces

Today may be your lucky day, Gray Powell, as it appears that someone else may have lost a prototype iPhone.  Perhaps the new iPhones are especially slippery.

If anyone knows the name of a good Vietnamese lawyer, the website Taoviet may soon need it after they somehow managed to nab what appears to be another iPhone prototype. The website claims that a Vietnamese business man purchased the phone while picking up an iPad in America. He supposedly paid $4,000 for it, according to Engadget, which would be a steal (no pun intended) compared the the $5K Gizmodo paid.

The video below shows one of the Taoviet guys displaying the prototype, which carries the “N90” code, a tag that is rumored to be the internal code for the prototype phone. The case looks a little sleeker than the earlier leaked iPhone but is otherwise nearly identical, which does suggest that it may be a real prototype that is simply further along than the previous model we saw.

The operating system was locked and could not be opened, but the Vietnamese guys took the phone apart and showed what appeared to be an A4 chip, the chip the previous prototype sported.

There is nothing really new here, except that the casing looks a little sleeker than the previous phone. No word yet on when shady men in black from Apple will knock on the door of the Taoviet editor’s door, or when the Vietnamese police will kick that door in.

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