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Apple may be making a less expensive version of the iPhone

While Apple may not be at CES 2013, the Cupertino company has managed to steal some of the show’s spotlight. According to a tweet from the Wall Street Journal earlier today, Apple has made clear its intention of making a less expensive model of its iPhone.

Historically, Apple has dealt with the issue of pricing like so: Put out a new phone, knock the price of last year’s model, and call that the budget version. Effective as that may have been, Apple appears to have realized the need for a handset with a price as friendly as its user interface. It is believed that Apple will accomplish this by using less expensive material like plastic, as opposed to the current aluminum casing that gives the iPhone its signature sleek style.

Little else is known in the way of details for the cheaper iPhone model, though it is expected to be available some time this year. In the mean time, we’ve got plenty of time to speculate on how Apple plans to knock the price down.

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