Apple to reportedly keep Touch ID, headphone jack in next iPad

Apple will reportedly maintain the enclosure design of the 7th-generation iPad that will be released this year, keeping features such as Touch ID and the headphone jack.

The 2018 iPad, which we selected as the Best Tablet of 2018, did not change much from its predecessor, and Mac Otakara claims that Apple will do the same in this year’s version of the device, according to Apple Insider.

Apple is said to be keeping the older Touch ID on the 2019 iPad, according to Mac Otakara’s sources, likely to keep costs down. Meanwhile, Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID in the premium 2018 iPad Pro.

Fans of the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack will get at least another year on the iPad, as the sources said that the port will be retained in this year’s model. Like with Touch ID, the headphone jack was removed from the 2018 iPad Pro.

The sources have conflicting information regarding the display of the 2019 iPad. While one supplier said that this year’s version will retain last year’s 9.7-inch screen, another supplier claimed that the tablet will receive a slight upgrade to a 10-inch screen through a slight reduction in the width of its bezels.

There was no mention of which port the 2019 iPad will use for charging and data connectivity though. Its predecessor used Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, but the 2018 iPad Pro switched to USB-C, which was one of the most significant changes in the premium tablet.

Apple will launch the 7th-generation iPad alongside the iPad mini 5, the sources added, and that both tablets will include minor upgrades to their internal components. There is no information on the specific release date of the tablets, but they are expected to be unveiled at some point in the spring, possibly around the time of the planned March 25 event where Apple will reportedly launch its new video streaming service and updated news service.

The 2018 iPad received praise for its speedy performance, long battery life, addition of Apple Pencil support, and affordability. It appears that the 2019 iPad will not change much from its predecessor, with Apple apparently not tinkering much with a successful product.


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