Expect a wristful of smartwatches from Archos at CES 2014

Archos Smartwatch

The smartwatch really took off during 2013, thanks to high profile products from Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony and Pebble, but it’s a section of the mobile market which we also know will see plenty of growth during 2014. Prolific manufacturer Archos could be one of the first to show off a new watch, and it has already put up a teaser page in readiness.

“Archos SmartWatches coming soon,” shouts the blurb, indicating we should expect more than one model, before adding the watches will be, “The perfect companions for your smartphone.” Alongside the text is a picture of an Archos branded watch, and it’s one of the better looking examples we’ve seen.

The strap looks like tough rubber, much like the Pebble, while the face is black and silver. The shadow suggests the screen has a slight curve, which would certainly make the Archos watch stand out. There’s no indication the screen will be color, but Pebble-style, black and white e-paper instead. It may not have the visual punch of the Galaxy Gear, but it’ll help the battery last a sensible amount of time.

In a press release on its UK website, Archos has talked about other connected devices it’ll be launching at CES 2014, but added at the end the firm will, “Be unveiling a selection of smartwatches starting at under £50.” That’s the equivalent of $82, which would mean Archos’ basic model could cost less than half the price of the Pebble. Archos says its watches will, “Embrace simplicity and function,” while featuring, “A Pebble-like design and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.”

Going back to the teaser image, the date on the screen is January 5, two days before CES 2014 officially begins. Archos has a habit of revealing its new products a short while before a show, so we may be mere days away from learning more about Archos’ first smartwatch.

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