Thanks to Bendgate, jean companies consider bigger pockets

iPhone 6 Plus
Ever since its launch a few weeks ago, the iPhone 6 Plus has been plagued with reports that it bends when placed in your pocket. Slapped with the #Bendgate moniker on Twitter, the craze has inspired people to conduct their own anecdotal bend tests. This Bendgate fiasco is even reportedly causing clothing designers to make jeans with bigger pockets.

Clothing company Uniqlo somewhat confirmed this development, telling Quartz that the company is “having conversations currently with the product development team regarding technology overall, and how our clothes can provide compatibility from a user perspective.” Uniqlo confirmed that jean pockets are a topic of discussion in these conversations.

Meanwhile, American Eagle, J. Crew, L. L. Bean, Lee Jeans, and Levi’s have all non-conclusively told Business Insider that expanding pockets is certainly something they are considering. While some of the companies, such as American Eagle and L. L. Bean, already produce pants that can fit large phones like the iPhone 6 Plus, other companies, such as Levi’s and Lee Jeans, discuss redesigning pockets in merchandising conversations.

Interestingly enough, Mashable created two videos, comparing how the iPhone 6 Plus fits in men’s pockets versus women’s pockets. By any stretch of the imagination, the handset had a hard time finding happiness in women’s pockets, whereas it fit quite snuggly in men’s pockets. You can find the videos below.

While having such a conversation might seem like a silly thing, the reality is that you want to be able to tuck away your phone and have the peace of mind that nothing bad will happen to it. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case with the iPhone 6 Plus. At this point, putting the handset in your back pocket seems to be your best option if you don’t plan on putting it in your bag. Just don’t sit on it!

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