Great deal: Best Buy discounts iPads by $125

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Best Buy currently has a great deal on the Apple Watch, which has been reduced by $100 to start at $250; but if you’ve had your eyes on a new iPad or iPhone, then Best Buy is still worth a visit. Starting December 10, the retailer has cut between $100 and $125 from the price of a new iPad, and is offering a $100 discount on a newly activated iPhone 6 or 6S model.

If you’re interested in the iPad Air 2, there’s $125 off at the moment. This means the 16GB Wi-Fi models are now yours for $375, down from $500. If you add 4G connectivity to the tablet, the price has also been dropped by $125, resulting in a final cost of $505. In other words, you can grab a 4G iPad Air 2 for the same price as the Wi-Fi only version.

Opt for the 64GB model — and in our opinion, it’s absolutely worth spending the extra — and the Wi-Fi version costs $475, or $605 with 4G. Go with the top-of-the-range 128GB Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 and you’ll hand over $575 and not $700, or if money is no object, a 128GB 4G iPad Air 2 is $705, down from $830.

Perhaps the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 is a little too large, and the smaller iPad Mini 4 appeals more? Best Buy has $100 off all those models as well, resulting in a starting price of $300 for the 16GB Wi-Fi, but we’d say spending $400 on the 64GB model is the better deal. Models with 4G connectivity start at $430, down from $530.

Finally, Best Buy wants you to buy an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, or the slightly older iPhone 6 and 6 Plus versions. To encourage you to do so, it’s offering a $100 discount on the price of any purchased with a two-year Sprint or Verizon contract.

We’re waiting to hear if these are limited time offers, or if they’ll run for longer, but for now we’d say it’s worth taking advantage of Best Buy’s Apple price blitz.