The best Google Pixel cases and covers

The 20 best Google Pixel cases to protect your phone

The Google Pixel phone may no longer be the fit young upstart now the Pixel 2 is out and the Pixel 3 is on its way, but it still features an interesting, aluminum design with a 5-inch display and a glass section on the back. With snappy performance, a great camera, and Google Assistant onboard, there are plenty of reasons to buy one. But these impressive specs also carry a premium price tag, which makes opting for a proper case all the more important. Those curved edges could chip or scuff if you drop your new Pixel, and even toughened glass can scratch and crack easily. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the best Google Pixel cases, many of which are as stylish as they are durable.

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Noreve Tradition B Leather Case ($49+)

Best Google Pixel cases - Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

If it’s quality leather with a plush padded feel that you’re after, then you owe it to yourself to check out Noreve’s wares. Our pick is the folio-style wallet case. There’s room for a couple of credit cards inside, and the cover closes securely with a magnetic stud. A plastic shell holds your Pixel inside, but you’ll find accurate cut-outs for easy access to the ports, buttons, camera, and fingerprint sensor. You don’t have to stick with black — you can choose from a wide range of different colors and styles for the exterior finish.


Zizo Bolt Series Case ($13+)

Best Google Pixel cases - Zizo Bolt Series Case

If your top priority is drop protection and your budget is tight, then this Zizo case could be ideal. It has been drop tested up to 12 feet, and it ships with a tempered glass screen protector. The case is a classic combination of shock absorbing TPU with a hard polycarbonate shell on top. There are button covers and accurate cut-outs for the camera, fingerprints sensor, and ports. This case also features a kickstand and comes with a holster and belt clip, though we’re not fans of the big lanyard loop at the top.

Amazon Zizo

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case ($18)

Best Google Pixel cases - Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

This is another case that offers rugged protection at a reasonable price. The tried and tested mix of TPU and polycarbonate guards against drop damage, and there’s a frame that covers the front of your Pixel with a built-in screen protector for complete coverage. The openings for the camera and fingerprint sensor are generous, there are button covers, and there’s a cover for the charging port to keep dust out. This one also comes with a holster and belt clip.


Carved Satellite Case ($59+)

Best Google Pixel cases - Carved Satellite Case

If you choose to design your own Google Pixel case at Carved, you’ll end up with a truly unique and gorgeous finish for your new phone. They combine real wood grain with swirls of colorful resin to create eye-catching patterns. The underlying black, plastic shell has all the cut-outs you need for uninterrupted phone use, and there’s a texture on the sides that enhances grip. Protection is fairly basic, but these are among the best-looking Pixel cases you can find.


UAG Ice Plasma Series Case ($20)

Best Google Pixel cases - UAG Ice Plasma Series Case

Wrap your Pixel in one of Urban Armor Gear’s cases for true peace of mind. These cases combine a hard, transparent shell with a shock absorbing core. Protection is further enhanced by reinforced corners, skid pads, and a rubberized screen surround. The button covers are oversized, making it easy to find and press them, even without looking. You’ll also find generous openings for ports, camera, and other features. Android Pay also still works with the case on.

Amazon UAG

Caseology Parallax Series Case ($25)

Best Google Pixel cases - Caseology Parallax Series Case

The subtle geometric pattern on the back of this case looks great and it adds some grip. The main shell is flexible TPU, which is easy to fit and shock absorbent. Caseology has added a tough polycarbonate bumper frame over the top in a contrasting color. The button covers work well and there are decent-sized cut-outs for the ports, camera, fingerprint sensor, and other features. This case comes in black, burgundy, pink, or blue.

Amazon Caseology Mobile Fun

Lifeproof Fre Case ($90)

Best Google Pixel cases - Lifeproof Fre Case

There aren’t too many options for people seeking a really rugged Pixel case that can stand up to the elements, so the Lifeproof Fre stands out. Stick your Pixel in this case, and it can survive submersion in up to 2 meters of water for up to an hour. It also offers solid drop protection from 2 meters (6.6 feet). This case covers your Pixel from every angle, so nothing is getting in to damage it, but that does also mean you have to tangle with port covers and it definitely adds some bulk.

Amazon LifeProof

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)

Best Google Pixel cases - Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Here’s a simple TPU case that will provide basic protection for a relatively small outlay. There are accurate cut-outs for everything, including the buttons. It’s slim and flexible, with a small lip around the display for added protection. It’s available in a wide range of colors, and features a circuitry design with the Android mascot on the back. It’s a translucent case, so you do see something of Google’s design beneath.


Snakehive Wallet Case ($27)

Snakehive Wallet Case

Handcrafted from soft Nubuck leather with a matte finish, this wallet case from Snakehive opens to reveal a translucent, flexible plastic shell to hold your Pixel in place. The cover conceals three credit card slots with a larger money pouch behind. There’s a magnetic clasp to keep it closed and you’ll find the full range of cutouts required for easy access to the ports and camera. The subtle snake logo on the front finishes off this stylish offering and it also comes in black and gray.


Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series Case ($35)

Best Google Pixel cases - Incipio Carnaby Esquire Series Case

If you’re loving the look of Google’s fabric finished Daydream VR headset, then you might want to wrap your new Pixel phone in something that matches. Incipio’s Carnaby case is a hard shell covered in soft cotton that comes in black, gray, or olive. There are large cut-outs for free access to ports, camera, and the fingerprint sensor on the back. The chunky button covers are easy to find without looking and made from flexible and durable TPU. The cotton exterior makes your Pixel really comfortable to hold.


Tech21 Evo Check Case ($30)

Best Google Pixel cases - Tech21 Evo Check Case

If you’re looking for real military-standard drop protection, then you’ll be glad to know that the Evo Check is designed to keep your Pixel safe from falls from up to 6.6 feet. Tech21 has been working on slimming down its range without sacrificing the rugged drop protection its known for. As the name suggests, there’s a diamond check pattern on the translucent back panel. The bumper portion is still a bit chunky, but that’s where the shock absorption lies. The openings for features like the camera and ports are generous and there are button covers for the volume and power.

Amazon Verizon

Google Photos Live Case ($40)

Best Google Pixel cases - Google Photos Live Case

You can choose plain or clear cases from Google to protect your Pixel phone, but we think the Live cases are worth an extra few dollars. To create your Photos Live case, you pick a favorite shot and drag and drop it into your browser, then edit to get the look you want. The photo is matched with a wallpaper for your home screen. This is perfect personalization made easy. The case itself is pretty basic with accurate cut-outs for every feature and function. These are slim, snap-on cases, so they aren’t going to provide rugged drop protection, but they’ll guard against scuffs and minor bumps.


Speck Presidio Clear Case ($40)

Best Google Pixel cases - Speck Presidio Clear Case

The new Presidio line from Speck are slimmer than the old CandyShell cases, but still offer drop protection you can trust. This case will keep your Pixel safe from falls of up to 8 feet in height. It has tactile button covers and accurate cut-outs for the fingerprint sensor, ports, camera, and other functions of your phone. It’s also completely clear, and almost entirely devoid of details, save for a small Speck star logo at the top right.

Amazon Speck

LK Ultra Clear TPU Case ($8)

Best Google Pixel cases - LK Ultra Clear TPU Case

Here’s a basic, clear TPU case that might serve until you can find something better. It’s fairly thin, it adds some grip, and it has accurate openings for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and ports. There are slim button covers and a raised edge to provide some protection around the screen. Don’t expect solid drop protection, but it will fend off scratches and absorb the impact of minor bumps. It’s also pretty plain, save for an unfortunate LK logo on the back.


Spigen Slim Armor Case ($30)

Best Google Pixel cases - Spigen Slim Armor Case

Spigen’s main goal with the Slim Armor case is to provide shock absorption without making the phone bigger. Made using flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate, the dual layer case protects your phone from typical, everyday occurrences, without being too bulky. There are cut-outs for the camera, speaker, and fingerprint scanner, with the scanner having a raised bevel for quick and comfortable access. Buttons are covered, but easy to feel, and there’s a kickstand on the back to stand the phone up while playing music or videos.


OtterBox Defender Series Case ($50)

Best Google Pixel cases - OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox’s Defender case has done well when applied to other smartphones, and those results will carry over when used with the Pixel. Above all, the Defender case has a built-in screen protector, which should keep the display in perfect condition wherever you go. It’s made to resist drops, dust, and scratches, as shown by the inclusion of covers for the buttons and ports, as well as the raised areas surrounding the camera, speakers, and fingerprint sensor. The Defender case also comes with a belt holster, which snaps the phone and case in place to keep it secure.

Amazon OtterBox

VRS Design Simpli Mod Case ($25)

Best Google Pixel cases - VRS Design Simpli Mod

The Simpli Mod case from VRS Design is, as its name implies, simple. It trades in protection to put more emphasis on style, so it’s thinner than most other cases and has gaps in the design that expose the phone’s buttons and ports. If you’re confident in your handling abilities, however, what the case lacks in defense shouldn’t be an issue, thereby turning its potential flaws into aesthetic assets. It uses leather on the back to create a unique look with a quality feel, is lightweight (at 1.13 oz), and the brown and gold color variation is sure to draw attention whenever it’s in public.

VRS Design

Youmaker Full-body Rugged Holster Case ($18)

Best Google Pixel cases - Youmaker Rugged

Youmaker has another case to consider if you’re looking for something with a similar design to the OtterBox Defender, but for a cheaper price. Like the Defender, it also has a built-in screen protector to cover your display, as well as a belt holster for the phone to attach to when you’re on the move. It has covers for the buttons and ports, scratch-resistant edges around the camera, and a raised lip to keep the front of the phone away from surfaces if and when it ends up face down. For those that use the fingerprint scanner a lot, the case has a finger shaped indent on the back that should make it easy to line up your finger and unlock your phone.


Cimo Premium Slim Matte Cover ($8)

Best Google Pixel cases - Cimo Premium

Cimo’s protective cover is made out of a scratch-resistant TPU material that’s flexible, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colors. It will protect your phone against minor drops and shocks, but adds additional grip to decrease the chances of dropping it at all. Raised edges around the front will keep it from impacting surfaces, and precise cut-outs and button covers ensure you’ll be able to get to all of your phone’s functions and features without issue.


Dockem Card Case ($16)

Usually you’d expect a card case to be in a wallet or folio style, but Dockem has provided something a little different with this case. The outside of the TPU case has a small elastic wallet that can take up to four card-sized items — so a couple of cards and maybe some folded bills. The positioning on the outside of the case is a unique twist that we haven’t seen before, and the wallet section itself can be used as a kickstand while the device is in a landscape orientation. The TPU will guard against bumps and minor falls, and the case is finished off with a textured twill canvas styling.


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