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The best Moto E5 Plus cases to keep your budget phone beautiful

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a budget handset with long battery life, then there’s really only one phone for you — the Moto E5 Plus. With a massive 6-inch screen, modest specs, and an enormous 5,000mAh battery, this is a cheap phone that just keeps going and going. But despite all that long-term power, the Moto E5 Plus won’t fare well against concrete, asphalt, or any outside surface. A protective case is an absolute must to make sure that your budget phone lasts until your next upgrade. We’ve put together a list of the best Moto E5 Plus cases that you can buy to make sure your phone lasts and looks pretty while doing it.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case ($10)

A clear case is a great option for anyone who wants a modicum of protection that doesn’t detract from the original design of their phone. Olixar‘s ultrathin clear case is a great addition to this lineup, and an excellent choice for you if you want to keep the design of the E5 Plus on display. It’s made from TPU, which has shock-absorbent qualities, as well as being soft enough to aid in grip. It’s superthin, and adds a minimal amount of bulk to your phone, which is especially important with that huge battery. It comes with a raised bezel around the outside of the display and camera to make sure the phone doesn’t rest on those vulnerable areas.

Skinomi Dark Wood Skin with Screen Protector ($16)

Still not keen on the idea of having even a thin case on your phone? Maybe a phone skin would be more your style. This skin from Skinomi is applied to the back of your phone, and while it won’t provide any protection against drops and bumps, it’ll stop scratches from marring the body, and the dark wood aesthetic lends a cool style. If dark wood isn’t your thing, Skinomi also boasts a huge range of other variants like brushed aluminum, light wood, and carbon fiber. Even better, this skin also comes with one of Skinomi’s TechSkin screen protectors for all-around protection.

Rnicy Flower TPU Case ($8)

Cases aren’t just for protection — they’re also great for reflecting your personal style. This case from Rnicy is a pretty standard TPU case with shock-absorbent qualities that reduce damage from drops, bumps, and scratches. It also provides additional grip. But the real draw here is the selection of designs emblazoned on the back of each case. They’re bright, colorful, and show off your style to the rest of the world. Each case has been treated to reduce wear-and-tear on the design, and can even be washed and dried before being reapplied to your phone.

Dretal Slim Bumper Case ($8)

The edges of a phone are far more likely to hit the ground first during a drop, so it’s especially important to keep them well insulated. Dretal’s bumper case uses soft and shock-absorbing TPU to dull the energy from drops and stop them from damaging your phone. Even better, it also comes with a hard PC back panel that protects against scratches and other hazards, while also being completely clear so you can still show off your phone’s style. There’s also a raised edge to elevate your phone from surfaces and a finish that improves grip on your phone.

KuGi Anti-Slip Case ($9)

Looking for something with more of an executive look? This anti-slip case from KuGi could be right up your alley. It’s made from our old friend TPU, so you can expect it to be durable and capable of taking a blow, while also aiding in grip. KuGi has added more than a few features to help in that though, including a series of cuts down either side of the case, and a stylish textured back panel. That back panel looks like leather, but it’s actually just TPU again — but don’t let that put you off, as it feels great and looks even better. There’s an area to attach a lanyard if you want real drop-proofing, and it’s slim and comes in other colors if you’re not taken with the blue.

Idea Line Heavy Duty Protector ($9)

Forget those ultrathin cases — you want protection and utility in equal measure, and you don’t care who knows it. This case comes with a two-layer construction of a TPU inner shell and hard polycarbonate outer shell to strike a great balance of protection from a variety of hazards, including drops, bashes, and scratches. There’s a raised edge along the outside of the case to elevate your phone from surfaces, and it also comes with a belt clip so you can easily secure your phone without needing to use a pocket. The horizontal kickstand allows you to place your phone down to watch a video or two. It even comes with a tempered glass screen protector for all-around protection. It’s big and bulky, but with everything it adds, that’s easy to overlook.

Poetic Revolution All-Around Protective Case ($17)

A phone like the E5 Plus is great when you’re expecting to be without a charger for a period of time, and simply need your phone to last as long as possible. If that’s the case, then you might also need it to be as well-protected as possible too, so whether you’re out camping, hiking, or are just extremely careful, you might want to consider this case from Poetic. It’s extremely solid, made from a combination of hard PC and soft TPU for a great balance against threats — but the protection doesn’t stop there. It also comes with built-in screen protection and dust traps for all the ports. If you need great protection at a price that won’t break the bank, then this is the case for you.

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