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BlackBerry 10 rumors: N-Series may debut alongside L-Series, price and video of Z10 leak online

Research In Motion is gearing up to make its comeback with BlackBerry 10 at the end of this month, and anticipation is clearly building among the tech community. While we’re largely certain that RIM will unveil the BlackBerry Z10 L-Series on January 30, recent rumors indicate that another line of new devices will premiere on that same day.

The BlackBerry X10 N-Series may make an appearance at RIM’s New York City event this month, according to BlackBerry news blog N4BB. Furthermore, RIM will announce two flavors of the L-Series BlackBerry phones – 3G and LTE models. The blog didn’t cite any specific sources to back this claim, but BlackBerry fans will have to wait until the end of the month to see what RIM has in store.

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No specific pricing information has been released, but we’ve heard whispers that RIM could be targeting value smartphone buyers with at least one of its devices. The company is allegedly planning to launch the BlackBerry Z10 at a price point below its standard $200, an inside source reportedly told BGR on Monday. We’re expecting this to fall into the $150 cost range, but this information has yet to be confirmed.

These rumors come amidst a string of BlackBerry 10 clues that have mounted in recent weeks. Last week Verizon allegedly leaked the product page for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone before quickly removing the listing. Just before that, a video surfaced online showcasing a detailed walkthrough of the new touch-centric BlackBerry 10 OS. Now, that same website has posted footage of the Z10 battling head-to-head with Apple’s iPhone 5.

The video, which was initially posted on, showcases features such as voice command and social notifications. The German clip’s narrator gave both devices the same task via voice control at the same time, and BlackBerry’s variant smoked Apple’s offering. In addition, the Z10 seemed to beat the iPhone 5 when it comes to checking notifications, receiving text messages, switching between apps, and more.

The size difference between the two competing phones was also evident in the video. The narrator places Apple’s iPhone 5 on top of BlackBerry’s handset, outlining the discrepancy in length and width between the two smartphones. To no surprise, the purported BlackBerry Z10 was the larger contender here.

It’s clear that the video is partial to BlackBerry, but we’ll be looking forward to what RIM has to offer this month. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself. 

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