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Bluesmart’s slick smart suitcase is back, and it has brought along some friends

Bluesmart started off with a single, connected piece of luggage back in 2014. It was a big crowd-funding success, with more than 10,000 backers wanting a smarter suitcase by their side. Now, Bluesmart is back with its Bluesmart Series 2 smart luggage range, and this time it’s not arriving with one suitcase, but two, along with a laptop bag and a passport holder. They’re smarter than ever before, with a new app, sensors, and plenty more. Despite launching on Indiegogo only recently, the campaign has already passed $1 million in funding.

What makes these cases smart? The Bluesmart app is the key to the suitcase, and it unlocks when you’re close, and locks when you move away. It allows you to track the case’s exact location with free GPS/3G/Bluetooth connectivity, shows the remaining battery power, and even links with airlines to show travel itineraries. While the app chats with your airline, the 29-inch Bluesmart Series 2 suitcase’s built-in weight sensors ensure you won’t pay any excess baggage fees, and alerts you if it’s likely to tip the scales over the limit.

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Bluesmart Series 2 - Smart luggage system

The cases conceal a 10,400mAh battery pack to keep your phone, laptop, and other gadgets topped up with power while traveling, and its own power bank doesn’t need charging for 30 days, a major improvement over the one week offered by the first Bluesmart case. All of this is wrapped up inside a weatherproof polycarbonate body with a retractable handle, and hub-less 360-degree spinning wheels. Bluesmart Series 2’s two suitcases share the same technology, and vary only in size, and the lack of weight sensors on the smaller case. The 22-inch version is suitable for use as carry-on with 38 liters of storage space, while the larger 29-inch case has 80 liters of space inside, and is for checking in.

Joining the two cases is a 15-inch laptop bag and passport pouch. Both connect to the app for 30-days recharge-free Bluetooth location tracking, and distance alerts if you happen to accidentally leave them behind. The laptop bag contains a 10,400mAh battery charging pack with two USB ports, while the passport holder comes with a 1,000mAh battery pack for 90 days standby, and RFID protection. Both are made from weather-resistant fabric, and the laptop bag has a TSA-friendly pocket, so you won’t have to unpack everything at security.

Backers of the Indiegogo campaign can buy the Bluesmart Series 2 cases at a considerably lower price than when they hit retail stores. The 22-inch case is $295, the 29-inch is $325, the laptop bag is $195, and the passport holder is $95. Bundles are available, too. For example, a 22-inch case with the laptop bag and the passport holder is $495, or a complete set of all four Bluesmart Series 2 products is $795.

Order before the campaign ends, and delivery is expected to take place in November. Will Bluesmart pass its previous $2.2 million in funding with Series 2? It’s certainly headed that way.

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