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Yes, you will want this metal Millennium Falcon iPhone case

We were pretty excited when Casetify announced its new Star Wars collection of phone cases and accessories at the end of April, and we’ve now got our hands on the star of the show, the Millennium Falcon limited-edition case, to see if our anticipation was justified. It’s a thing of beauty and well worth a closer look, but what about the rest of the collection?

Millennium Falcon case

Made of aluminum with a laser -tched image of the Millennium Falcon, there are only 1,000 of these cases in existence so getting one may be a challenge. Now that we’ve got one in our hands, we can see if it’s worth the effort. Let’s start with the design itself. The top-down, schematic-style design of the Falcon itself looks great, and has real texture to it. The aluminum under the design has a brushed effect and catches the light in an attractive way.

Casetify's metal Millennium Falcon iPhone case with its box.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

A Star Wars logo joins the outline of the Falcon, but gets a little lost in the design, although the text and the rebel insignia down the side is far more legible. The sides of the case are smooth to the touch and don’t have a brushed finish, but still provide more than enough grip so the phone isn’t in danger of slipping out your hand. I could do without the rather uninspiring “This case is made from 50% recycled materials” claim on the side of the case though.

From the front, the case has a raised edge to keep the screen away from any surface it’s placed on, and a fairly substantial chin section at the bottom. It seems like it would protect the phone in the event of a fall, but there’s no “give” in aluminum, so there’s a risk the screen could crack anyway as the shock is unlikely to be absorbed.

That’s not the only issue here. Putting your phone in a metal case will naturally increase its overall weight, and the aluminum-clad iPhone 13 Pro seen in our photos now weighs a hefty 262 grams. You will definitely notice you’re carrying it around, certainly compared to one of the other non-metal Casetify Star Wars cases. Metal doesn’t play well with wireless charging either, and despite the case having MagSafe magnets, it doesn’t actually charge when you put it on a MagSafe charger. Getting your phone in and out of the tight metal case takes a bit of effort too.

What’s the verdict? This is a beautifully made special-edition case with a design that will really appeal to Star Wars fans, even those overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Star Wars goods available. But Casetify’s Millennium Falcon aluminum case feels more like a collectible for display than one to use every day. The case even magnetically attaches to the inside of the lovely packaging too, so it’s very easy to display alongside other Star Wars memorabilia.

To have a chance at getting a Casetify Millennium Falcon case, which has been made for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, visit Casetify’s dedicated Star Wars Co-Lab website. It’ll cost you $149.

What else can you get?

If the Millennium Falcon case is too impractical, or impossible to find, consider one of Casetify’s other Star Wars cases or accessories. We’ve seen an Impact Case and a magnetic wireless charger. The Impact Case sent to us has an interpretation of the classic Return of the Jedi movie poster on the back, and it stands slightly proud of the case back itself, giving it an interesting texture. Designs adapted from the New Hope and Empire Strikes Back posters are also available.

Casetify's Return of the Jedi Impact Case seen from the back.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The matte finish means it stands out against the more reflective, sparkly case itself, and there’s plenty of shock and drop protection here too. It’s easy to fit on and remove from your phone, and the sides add a lot of grip to help keep the phone safe. In addition to the iPhone range, these cases are also available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 model range. It starts at $60, with the price changing depending on the phone you own.

The Star Wars Death Star Magnetic Wireless Charger is one of those products that makes perfect sense: The Death Star is round, and so is the charging puck. Perfect. It attaches solidly to the back of an iPhone 13 Pro and starts charging reliably. The braided cable adds strength, and there’s a USB Type-C connection at the opposite end. At $40, it’s one of the cheaper options in Casetify’s Star Wars collection.

Products in the range we have not tried out include Apple iPad cases, Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, and Apple Watch straps too. In addition to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Pixel 6 cases are also available. All are limited releases though, so don’t expect them to be around forever. You can find them from May 4 through Casetify’s Co-Lab site, but only in the U.S..

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