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Dell CEO shows 7-inch Streak tablet

Dell is apparently working on evolving its Android-based Streak tablet: at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Dell CEO Michael Dell flashed a 7-inch version of the device, which is currently available with a 5-inch display. However, Dell offered no other hard details about the device, including important information like price, availability, and whether Dell still envisions tablet devices serving as fully-functional phones.

A 7-inch version of the Dell Streak might make the device more competitive with the Apple iPad. Although numerous consumer device manufacturers are aiming at the tablet market with Android-based devices aimed at the end-of-year holiday buying season, so far the Apple iPad—with its high prices and 9.7-inch display—largely stands alone in the consumer tablet market. However, the Dell Streak has been given a lackluster reception by consumers, who note the device isn’t really big enough to serve as a full-fledged entertainment device or a notebook replacement for people on the go, but with a 5-inch display is too large to make a convenient phone.

At Oracle OpenWorld, Dell announced an expansion of its Dell Services Oracle Practice, which provides infrastructure support to enterprises and other large organizations with significant Oracle installations internationally.

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