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Dell Windows 7 tablet coming in September, at the earliest

dell-windows 7Last week, a Dell executive had cold words to say about the iPad, especially where it relates to business. Many of these claims (like a $1500 price point) were false. The nasty talk may have been a bit premature, however. Forbes is reporting that Dell’s planned 10-inch Windows 7 tablet may not hit shelves until September, at the earliest.

This delay is odd since Dell has been talking about the device since Oct. 2010, and confirmed its plans in February, saying it would release a business-centric tablet this year. Competitors like Asus have already released Windows 7 tablets.

Dell has been trying to break into the tablet market for some time now, though its Dell Streak 5 and 7-inch Android tablets have yet to take off and sell in volume. Despite the setbacks, Dell remains committed to developing tablet computers. We’re expecting its next tablet will be incredibly affordable.

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