Digit-Life Reviews The LG G7120 GSM Phone

Quote from the review:

“Korean companies as none other can surprise customers by occasionally announcing their new but virtually unheard-of models. This is the way the new LG G7120 phone appeared, though it is, in fact, a redesign of the well-known G7100 model.

G7100 is probably one of the most successful LG products of the last year. A lot of money were invested in its promotion, which resulted in its wide renown. The phone’s draft design might seem somewhat awkward as it combines “feminine” features (smooth forms, a large glassy “illuminator”) with a men’s size. However, G7100 advantages got better, and the phone stood out against its analogs, such as Samsung V200 and P400. It has become popular with “stylish” customers that never use their phones long, seeking to try all new top-class models.

It was obvious that a redesign would try to make up for the above-mentioned inconsistency. But along with that, there was a high risk of trivializing the model. LG designers were successful enough to avoid it: though G7120 looks very much different from G7100, it is still something special.”

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