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Drift Innovation releases mobile app for remote operation of HD Ghost action cam

Recently we introduced you to Drift Innovation and its new HD Ghost action camera. Today the company announced an enhancement to the camera via the free downloadable Drift App for iOS devices and coming soon for Android. The app syncs with the camera’s Drift Datalink system for remote operation via the app. Users can set up camera angles, stream video playback, and share content through social media sites, giving users greater flexibility without having to go through the camera.

The Drift App connects directly through the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi. In addition to the aforementioned functions, users can also monitor battery life. Drift Innovation has posted a video on how the app works with the camera.

“Whenever you have the Drift HD Ghost mounted to a helmet or positioned somewhere out of reach, the mobile app is essential to frame your angle and ensure you get the best shot,” said Drift’s managing director John Rounds in a release. “The Drift App features extremely low latency so you can see exactly what the camera is looking at on your mobile device and line up shots instantaneously. The Drift HD Ghost also comes equipped with its own Wi-Fi network enabling users to stream and download pictures and videos on the spot, using their phones to upload content instantly to their favorite social media channels.” 

The 1080p-capable HD Ghost is part of the growing segment of sports/action cameras. Drift Innovation is differentiating itself from the competition by implementing into the HD Ghost a two-way remote control for easier access, Wi-Fi connectivity, continuous loop recording, and a tough Gorilla glass LCD. The Drift App is another solution they are adding to make the product more accessible.

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