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Dropbox acquires startup app Mailbox


By now, most of us are familiar with Dropbox; for those that aren’t, it’s a cloud-based service that allows users to access documents, photos, and video files from anywhere, without having to lug any device from home. Founded just six years ago, its membership has already soared to more than 100 million people.

Today, the company announced on its blog that it’s expanding even further, with the acquisition of startup Mailbox, an app which, as of now, is only available to iOS users. (We imagine they’ll expand at least to Android in the future, especially after this merger.) The app is a way to help you streamline your e-mail experience, weeding out all the clutter that still comes with even the best e-mail providers.

With it, you can “snooze” e-mails that don’t need to be dealt with until later with a simple swipe and a tap. Same goes for deleting and archiving. The company’s mission has been to help people keep their inboxes empty.

Being that both companies’ missions are to simplify people’s digital experience, it seems like a natural fit. “Whether it’s your Dropbox or your Mailbox, we want to find ways to simplify your life,” wrote Dropbox on its blog today.

As of now, the two services will remain separate – they aren’t currently planning to integrate the technology – as Dropbox does what it can do to help improve the Mailbox service and spread it to a much larger audience. But, as the crew at Phandroid pointed out, combining the two services into a single entity could, in turn, produce a major rival to e-mail super providers like Gmail, which most of us depend on for top-notch e-mail service.

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