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Kobo Forma e-book readers can now access Dropbox. Here’s how to link up

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the Kobo Forma e-book reader over the Amazon Kindle was not being tied to Amazon’s ecosphere and being limited to Amazon’s (admittedly vast) database of books. Today, Rakuten Kobo announced Dropbox support for the Kobo Forma, making it easier than ever to access your entire catalog on your Kobo Forma. So whether you’re kicking back to enjoy the latest thriller, or browsing through work documents, you’ll be able to use Dropbox‘s syncing to access everything you need.

For the uninitiated, Dropbox is a widely used and well-known cloud storage service, similar to iCloud or Google Drive. Unlike both of those options though, Dropbox isn’t tied to any specific company, so it’s easier to access across a number of platforms. So it’s useful to sync files between your PC, mobile phone, tablet, or otherwise. Unfortunately, Dropbox has a hard limit of three devices linked to each account — thankfully for gadget-loved readers, the Kobo Forma will not count as one of those devices. You’ll be able to read in peace without having to disconnect your smartphone from your cloud storage.

Dropbox support will be available on the Kobo Forma e-book reader only for the moment, and will be available after downloading the latest update — 4.18 or higher. There’s a fairly long-winded process involved in connecting your Kobo Forma to your Dropbox account, and Kobo has published a step-by-step guide taking you through the process. In short, if you already have a Dropbox account, you’ll need to head to Kobo’s Dropbox site and input the link code found on your Kobo Forma. You’ll find it by accessing your Settings, then hitting Accounts, scrolling down to the Dropbox section, and tapping Get Started.

Once you’re fully linked up, you’ll be able to access any books in the Rakuten Kobo folder in your Dropbox account, and you’ll be able to access other files by heading to the My Dropbox entry on your Kobo Forma’s menu.

As a celebration of the new Dropbox integration, the Kobo Forma is also seeing a small price drop. For a limited time, the Kobo Forma will be available at the reduced price of $250 in the U.S., so this is the perfect time to pick one up and catch up on your reading.

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