Facebook Connect Arrives For The iPhone

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Facebook is adding the iPhone 3G to the devices that can use the Facebook Connect log-on, the company announced at the South By Southwest conference.

Facebook Connect began last year, allowing surfers to use their Facebook usernames and passwords to access other sites, as well as update Web activities on their profile pages and track the visits of their friends to partner sites. Facebook Connect users don’t have to register on other sites to be able to make comments.

According to the Facebook blog, users simply need to “download any application featuring Facebook Connect and log in using your Facebook account from your iPhone. Then, you’ll be able to easily find your Facebook friends. They will be able to see the same profile information as they can on the site, controlled by your privacy settings. You can also share what you’re doing with your iPhone applications with all of your Facebook friends by publishing stories back to your profile."

Bringing the iPhone into the family is a bit of a no-brainer, since its users tend to surf the Web more than other smartphone users. Facebook Connect is available in some of the apps in the iPhone App Store.