Fitbit is bringing fitness tracking to Windows Phone

fitbit apple healthkit app integration

It hasn’t been easy for Windows Phone users, watching on while their Android and iOS-using friends enjoy hundreds of thousands of apps and support for a countless number of hardware devices. Slowly but surely though, Microsoft’s mobile OS is becoming more mainstream, and now Fitbit has confirmed that a Windows Phone app is in the works for its line of fitness trackers.

There was no grand announcement from Fitbit, just a short statement on its website forums that was picked up by WPCentral: “Fitbit is developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1. Thank you for all your feedback and support!” As yet there’s no word on a timescale for the app, but Windows Phone users can take encouragement from the news that support for Fitbit’s devices is on the way.

Fitbit is one of the major players in the small but growing wearables field, with its latest Fitbit One device — which we reviewed this week — positioned as a revamp of the company’s very first fitness tracker. Like other Fitbit hardware it includes Bluetooth syncing capabilities, which would be used by the future Windows Phone software to feed data back to your mobile.

It’s a crucial month for Windows Phone, with the long-awaited 8.1 update scheduled to roll out to users over the coming weeks and Cortana looking to challenge Siri and Google Now to be the go-to digital assistant for managing user lives. Microsoft will be counting on more device makers and app developers to follow Fitbit’s lead as it tries to chip away at the dominance of Android and iOS on mobile devices.