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Fossil’s $95 Q Motion activity tracker can also track sleep

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Fossil is at it again with a new activity tracker, kicking off South by Southwest with a fashionable addition to its wearable devices. The biggest feature in Fossil’s Q Motion? It can track your sleep.

Sleep tracking is feature most activity trackers have offered for a while, and while Fossil is playing catch-up, the Q Motion still offers a new feature that makes it stand out from Fossil’s previous activity trackers: smart tap.

Tapping Fossil’s Q Motion three times will let you gain quick access to certain functions on your phone, and the company lists playing music, finding your phone, or taking “that perfect selfie,” as a few. A Fossil spokesperson told Digital Trends that you will have to set up what function the tap activates up with the Fossil Q App. The company says there’s “plenty of opportunity for expanding the options for the future.”

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Keep in mind that Fossil now owns Misfit, a wearable company with a focus on design. Misfit launched the Link last year, which was a button you could tap to execute certain functions, like take a picture or as a presentation slide remote. That technology was ported to its other devices, and it’s likely that it’s the same tech powering the Q Motion.

It’s also quite similar to Misfit’s recently announced Misfit Ray, which also had interchangeable straps and a cylindrical design. But a Fossile spokesperson said while the device looks similar to the Misfit Ray, “the Fossil Q Motion was designed from the bottom up to be truly a Fossil product.”

“It was designed by the same team that created the entire Fossil Q line and has unique Fossil Q features including a LED indicator in the shape of the Fossil diamond and aluminum casing,” the spokesperson said.

There will be several color options to choose from, for the silicon strap and the metal cylinder, and additional strap options will be available when the device launches. Straps will cost $25 each.

Like its other trackers, Fossil’s latest addition connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, and you can customize which apps or contacts you want to receive notifications from via the app. The wearable vibrates or flashes through an LED light whenever you get a notification.

The Q Motion has a coin cell battery that will keep it charged for six months, and the device is water resistant up to 50 meters. It will be available early summer for $95.

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