Say goodbye to your waistline: Girl Scout Cookies are now just an app click away

girl scout cookie finder app cookies
Girl Scout cookies are universally adored, but incredibly hard to find — unless you know a Girl Scout. After years of selling cookies the old-fashioned way, Girl Scouts will now have their own websites and apps to help them sell cookies digitally. Of course, you’ll still have to find your local troop, but there’s an app for that!

Using the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, you can search for the troop nearest you and then connect with a Girl Scout. Just tell a scout your email address, and she’ll email you a link to her cookie selling site. There, you’ll be able to see her profile, learn what she plans to do with the money she earns from cookie sales, and place your cookie order. The new Digital Cookie initiative is the first major change the organization has made to its cookie sale system since the tradition first began in 1917.

The Digital Cookie program is intended to teach the girls about online entrepreneurship, handling transactions online, and setting up their own websites. More than 1 million scouts are expected to use the new digital cookie sales technique, but not every troop will join in. The Girl Scouts organization leaves it up to the troop and each girl’s parents, whether they want to participate or not. For the most part, Girl Scouts and their parents seem excited about it. However, no one is more thrilled about digital cookie sales than the Girl Scout cookie loving American public.

You can download the Cookie Finder app right now on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, but you can’t actually search for Girl Scout cookie sellers yet. There’s still 10 days, 9 hours, and a bunch of minutes left before sales start. In the meantime, you can meet the cookies on the app and drool over the pictures of Samoas, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, and Tagalongs.

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