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Google and Verizon Team-up to Create New Tablet

Another competitor for the iPad’s throne has emerged, but this competitor has teeth and a global reach. Google and Verizon have joined forces to release a new tablet computer that will use the Google Android OS, and can connect to a 3G wireless network via Verizon.

There have been a slew of challengers to the iPad’s dominance, but none have had the resources and global reach that Google and Verizon can muster. Microsoft’s Courier tablet is dead, the future of HP Slate is anyone’s guess, and the rest of the pack cannot come close to touching Apple’s ability to attract global customers while still breaking sales records in the U.S. as well.

Wall Street Journal was the first to break the news of the newest endeavor between the two, but there have been rumors of a Google tablet in the works for months. The inclusion of Verizon and its 3G network, plus the resources at its disposal make the potential tablet an immediate contender in the lucrative and growing tablet field.

This new deal does present some interesting questions about any potential deals between Apple and Verizon. Apple has never been known for its magnanimity, so if Verizon helps develop what should be the iPad’s biggest rival, it may not sit well with Apple.  On the other hand, Verizon might not be thrilled with the revelation that the exclusive arrangement between Apple and AT&T runs into 2012. Then again, the news is still just into the announcement phase, and it could be leverage to use for potential negotiations. The exclusive contract between Apple and AT&T does have a buy-out clause, plus Apple’s lawyers know a thing or two about legal contracts.

If the Google/Verizon tablet does come to fruition, Apple will have its hands full with a powerful new opponent in the tablet wars.

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