New Google video keeps us guessing about Android L’s dessert-based name (Updated)

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Are you ready for Android L’s release? We certainly are, and it looks like Google wants to ensure we stay in the mood. It has released a teaser based on which dessert beginning with the letter L will lend its name to the software, plus a series of short television ads promoting its new direction, while taking a small shot at rival Apple.

Updated on 10-15-2014 by Andy Boxall: Google has published an Android L teaser video on its YouTube channel.

Android L: What will the L stand for?

The release of Android L is getting ever closer, but we still don’t know what the L in its name will stand for. Traditionally, previous versions of Android have taken their names from desserts, and have followed an alphabetical order. Last time out, it was KitKat, and rumors have linked the L release with everything from licorice to lemons.

Google’s capitalizing on the interest, and has released a fun teaser video based on “casting sessions” for its L mascot. Take a look here.

While there’s a chance all of these are rejected possibilities, one could end up being the final name. For the curious, the list is as follows: Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lady Finger, or Lemon Drop. Oreo is named dropped at the end, with a question mark after it. We’re not sure if that’s just an in-joke related to the commercialization of the Android name, following KitKat’s launch, or a hint the alphabetical aspect has been abandoned. We’ll know soon.

Google takes a small shot at Apple with the tagline “Be together. Not the same.”

All the examples feature cute, and more importantly diverse, versions of the Android robot mascot. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, while still sharing one aspect with each other: An Android phone in their pocket, or an Android Wear watch on their wrist.

Perhaps the most talked about spot is named Bus Stop. The five gathered characters hear a ringing phone, and the smallest of them pulls out a massive device to answer the call. The ringtone is unfamiliar, and could be a part of Android L, while the display on the phone is simple, uncluttered, and features new shortcut keys. Again, a reference to the new Material Design set to be introduced with Android L.

The speculation continues that the whopping device is also a reference, perhaps to the rumored Nexus 6, or Nexus X smartphone, which may join the Nexus 9 as the hardware benchmark for the new OS. Google’s other ads use the tagline “Be together. Not the same,” which is also a possible URL, that may eventually lead to a live Android-focused website. The diversity aspect, while still sharing the common Android bond, fits in with Google’s more inclusive, focused approach to its software. It’s in opposition to Apple’s approach, which is to get everyone to use the same couple phones. However, one could argue that almost all phones look the same these days anyway.

Android L was announced at the Google I/O developer conference back in June, but not in great detail. Google could try to steal some of Apple’s thunder this week, by formally introducing the OS, and the new devices on which it will come pre-installed. We’ll keep you informed.

Article originally published on 10-14-2014