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A new Google Pixel 6 update is breaking Magic Eraser

The Google Pixel 6 has won over the hearts of many camera enthusiasts with its high-detail image production, but few features have stood out as much as the phone’s new Magic Eraser feature, which allows users to exercise some creative control over their images by removing unwanted people and objects. However, a recent update appears to have broken the Magic Eraser, leaving many users frustrated and unable to use one of Google’s most marketed Pixel 6 features.

A growing group of unsatisfied Pixel, 6 users across Reddit and Twitter, have shared that they are unable to make use of the Pixel 6 Magic Eraser whatsoever after updating their phones. The problem seems to stem from the latest Google Photos update, according to Android Police. For the time being, there doesn’t appear to be any way to fix the issue, with Google recommending that those affected attempt the troubleshooting tips on the support page.

Of course, this marks one of many problems that have cropped up during the rollout of Android 12, especially for early adopters of the Pixel 6 lineup. As a matter of fact, a similar bug in November removed the Magic Eraser altogether for a time. Network issues and battery drainage have also reared their heads in recent months, leading to considerable blowback from early adopters of Google’s newest version of its mobile OS.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser, it’s worth contacting Google support and detailing anything that may help them with fixing the problem. Otherwise, it’s probably in your best interest to disable automatic updates for Google Photos until the problem has been rectified.

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