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Photos show Google boss apparently wearing upcoming Pixel Watch

Google’s boss has been taking the highly anticipated Pixel Watch for a spin, photos released on Tuesday appeared to show.

Images captured during an on-stage appearance at Vox Media’s annual Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California, show what appears to be Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch on the wrist of Google chief Sundar Pichai.

More photos of the Pixel Watch

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) September 7, 2022

The images were shared in a tweet by Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter better known for his Apple revelations than his Google leaks. The device — sporting a round chassis, a single crown, and a stainless steel case — was partially covered by the sleeve of Pichai’s jacket, but appeared after the sleeve rode up.

The sneak peek offered by Pichai comes just one day before Apple is set to unveil a Pro version of its smartwatch as well as updated versions of its existing models, and a full month before Google is expected to unveil the Pixel Watch — its first-ever smartwatch — at a special event set for October 6.

Google is believed to be launching the Pixel Watch with an extensive strap collection that includes a Milanese-style band, a link bracelet, a pair of leather strap bands, a fabric band, a stretch band, and a silicone band, with Pichai apparently having opted for a white silicone strap, though it’s hard to say for certain.

While the images don’t give us a great look at what appears to be Google’s new watch, it’s nevertheless interesting to see how relaxed Pichai seems to be about taking the device for a test run in such a public arena. After all, try imagining Apple chief Tim Cook tootling about off-campus with the upcoming Apple Pro smartwatch on his wrist. No, we can’t either.

Truth be told, Google’s Pixel Watch is a poorly kept secret. Hang on, it’s not a secret at all. A number of images purporting to show the new smartwatch have leaked in recent months, with one bizarre incident involving a test version of the watch that was apparently left at a restaurant by accident.

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