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Google is working with designer Christopher Cowan to make 'Really Blue' Jeans

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Think you love your mobile device? Unless you start matching it, you can’t really claim to be that big of a fan of your phone. Luckily, Google is giving you an opportunity to prove yourself. It’s all thanks to a new partnership between the tech giant and freelance fashion designer Christopher Cowan, which has resulted in a pair of “Really Blue” jeans.

That’s right — the wildly popular blue variant of the Google Pixel has now made its way not only to other countries (where it keeps selling out) but also to your legs. So if you’re one of the many customers having trouble finding the Really Blue Pixel in the U.S., Canada, or U.K., you can temporarily satisfy your desire for your new smartphone with a pair of matching pants.

The “Really Blue” jeans are being rolled out in conjunction with the Pixel’s global launch, and make no mistake, these jeans were designed for this phone, not the other way around. In fact, the pants have only one pocket, and it’s designed for your Google smartphone. Said designer Cowan, “It’s awesome to be working with Google on this project and a challenge that I couldn’t resist. ‘Really Blue’ is such a unique color and the concept behind it really appealed to me.”

We should point out, of course, that like the Pixel itself, getting a pair of these pants is also going to be incredibly difficult. In order to buy the jeans, you have to order them directly from Cowan, who will actually make you a custom pair. That means that you need to go in for a special fitting with the designer, who will also then determine how large the single pocket needs to be.

This isn’t the first time Cowan has collaborated with a tech company — indeed, the designer previously worked with Acer on the launch of the company’s Iconia A1 – 840 tablet, whereupon Cowan designed a “Selfie Hat.” So if you want an accessory to go with your accessory, check out Christian Cowan and his blue jeans.

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