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Your fitness goals from Google Fit and Apple Health now show up in Google Calendar

Google Calendar App
Google wants to help you actually achieve those New Year’s resolutions. The company announced Goals last year, which allows you to easily schedule objectives for yourself within Google Fit. Now, you can see the goals that you set on Google Fit and Apple Health straight from the Google Calendar app — no need to juggle multiple apps for your scheduling needs.

The integration goes deeper than just showing you those goals. Once you achieve those goals, Google will automatically mark the event as done, and when you look at your goals in Google Calendar, Google will show you how well you’ve done so far.

“If you’re setting out to achieve a goal, seeing progress can be a great motivation. Goals in Google Calendar makes finding time for activities like hitting the gym or going on more runs easy,” said Google in a statement. “But it hasn’t been as easy to track whether you’re reaching that goal — even if you’re using fitness-tracking apps in parallel — since you still have to manually mark your goal ‘done’ every time.”

In classic Google fashion, the new feature is also getting some of Google’s artificial intelligence. As Google notes in its blog post, if you set a goal to go running at 6:30 a.m. every other morning, but don’t actually start running until 7:15 a.m., Google will reschedule the event appropriately.

We’ll likely see more integration like this over time. One of the best things about being a part of an ecosystem like Google’s or Apple’s is that their services increasingly work well together. Specifically, we’ll probably see more of Google’s services integrate with Goals, especially considering the fact that fitness trackers are becoming increasingly prevalent.

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