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3D Touch and convenient live detour feature added to Google Maps on the iPhone

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Google has updated the iOS version of Google Maps, adding in a feature it introduced on Android last year, where detours can be plotted without leaving the app or navigation program already running. Previously, it was necessary to cancel the existing route, find a new destination, and start again. Now, it’s way easier to find that much needed restaurant or Starbucks on a long journey, without worrying about losing your way.

Google Maps Detour iOS

Android owners will be crowing they’ve had this feature since October 2015, and although it has taken a while to make it onto the iPhone, it’s great news it’s finally here. The feature is easy to use. Simply tap the search icon — a magnifying glass — in the top corner for a pre-generated list of options, including gas stations and grocery stores, that shows up without leaving your current navigation route.

Select your preference, or search for something more specific, and Google Maps returns the approximate amount of time the detour will take, allowing you to make sensible decisions. It’s no good choosing a gas station that’s an hour away if you need to fill up really soon, for example. When you’ve made your choice, it’s added as a quick stop on the map, and you’re rerouted. When you’re finished, Google Maps just puts you back on the right road. Very convenient.

That’s not the only new feature or reason to quickly grab the latest app update. Google has added support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Now, if you own one of the latest Apple devices, a hard press on the app icon opens a quick access option for routing to your home, work, or other stored addresses. Another handy time-saving shortcut thanks to 3D Touch.

The app update should be available through the iTunes App Store now.

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