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Google Maps is getting improved Live View navigation, more detailed map data

Google is making Maps even more helpful than it already is. At Google I/O 2021, the company announced a series of updates to Google Maps that will make it more helpful in day-to-day life, and improve features like the augmented reality (AR) view that Google launched in Maps last year.

Perhaps the most notable change to Maps is that Google is adding more detail in several places. For example, Google Maps will now show users where things like crosswalks, street signs, and intersection markers are straight from the normal map view. As noted by Google at the event, this could be very helpful for parents with strollers, those in a wheelchair, or those who just want to plan their exact walk. The more detailed view was actually already announced by Google in August, but is now more rolling out to 50 more cities around the world.

Google is also helping users find out more about how busy a location is before they get there. Google has already allowed users to see how busy it thinks a business will be on a given day or time, straight from Search or in Maps. Now, it’s expanding that feature to show how busy a whole area might be. You’ll be able to see the “busy-ness” of an area in the normal map view, and Google will highlight areas that are busier than usual — such as an event space or local attraction.

Google Maps busyness launch

At Google I/O three years ago, the company launched Live View, which allows users to get directions in AR in Google Maps. At Google I/O 2021, the company announced that the feature is now available in more than 100 countries, including large cities and rural towns. Soon, users will be able to access Live View straight from a map itself with the tap of a simple button. Not only that, but as announced earlier this year, Live View is coming to indoor spaces like airports and malls, which will help users find businesses, airport gates, and more.

Google wants to make Maps a little more helpful for drivers as well. Google is improving Maps to steer drivers away from so-called “hard-braking” areas — where drivers might have to slam on the brakes due to suddenly slowing traffic. Google Maps will now calculate multiple routes and determine the best route based on factors like how many lanes are available and how direct a route is.

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