Can’t wait for that new Android game? Pre-register for it on Google Play

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Looking forward to a major new Android game or app? Good news, you won’t have to remember the date of release, because Google has added a pre-registration feature to the Google Play store. It works like a preorder system for apps, but because you aren’t obligated to buy. It can be used as a helpful reminder for when a much anticipated new game is coming out.

Terminator pre-registrationThe first app to be discovered using the pre-registration feature is the perfect example of how it’ll work best. The game is Terminator Genisys: Revolution, which is apparently “coming soon,” to the store, and the release date is likely to coincide with the release of the movie. That’s the point when most people will be paying attention, so for developers, getting the word out early about the release will be imperative.

Visit the app’s page and you’ll see a pre-register button where you’d expect to see a download button. Click it and Google Play will send a notification through to your phone once the game is released. Now, the pre-register button is replaced by an unregister button, ready for if you change your mind.

These time-sensitive, major releases fit well with the pre-registration system, but used creatively, it could help smaller studios promote apps which are well-designed or offer unique features. How effective it’ll be at gauging interest is difficult to say, as there’s no commitment to buy the app upon release.

A pre-registration feature isn’t offered by Apple and the iTunes App Store, although films and some TV shows can be preordered prior to release. Will Apple follow Google and add a similar feature to iTunes? Perhaps, but for now this is another feature that separates Google Play from the App Store.

Terminator Genisys, the movie, is due for release at the beginning of July, and you can read about a spoiler-laden trailer here.

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