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Project Fi referral challenge could net users a paid trip to Google HQ

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Google is taking the referral program for Project Fi to the next level. While the company offers customers $20 of credit for each referral as part of its referral program, now customers can refer new subscribers for the chance to win a range of prizes. Like what? Well, the top three referrers will get a trip to Google HQ in Mountain View.

There are other prizes to win, too. Upon first referring a new customer, you’ll get $20 of credit to your Google Project Fi account, as you normally would. Refer a second new customer, and you’ll get $20 of credit to the Google Play Store. Five new customers will get you a “Fi weekender bag,” which comes with $100 of Project Fi referral credit and, we assume, some Project Fi swag. At the end of the campaign, the top three referrers will win a trip to Google HQ.

Unlike Google’s standard referral program, this one is only valid for a limited time — and it’ll expire on September 25.

There is a limit to the number of people you can refer — and that’s 100, which would equate to $2,000 in Project Fi credit. You can also check out the leaderboard here. Currently, it looks like Abner, who writes for 9to5Google, is at the top of the charts — but considering he’s winning with only four referrals and the fact that there’s only 12 people currently on the leaderboard, that could change pretty easily.

Project Fi itself was launched as a fairly innovative new offering, largely because of how its pricing works. Each month, you’ll pay a $20 base fee for Project Fi, after which you’ll pay $10 for each GB that you think you’ll use at the start of the month. Unlike other companies, however, that money isn’t necessarily gone forever — instead, you’ll be refunded for data that you don’t use. So, let’s say for example that you think you’ll use 2GB of data in a month, which will cost you $40 for the base fee plus $10 for each 1GB. If you only end up using 1.5GB, you’ll get $5 credited to your account, which you can use the next month. And, if you happen to go over the 2GB, you can simply keep using your data and you’ll just be charged for the extra.

It’s really a nice system, and ensures that customers aren’t paying way too much for a small amount of data — you really only get what you pay for.

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