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Google Fi finally gets an unlimited data plan … but read the fine print

Google is finally making its Google Fi, its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), unlimited. The company has announced that Google Fi customers will now get unlimited data for $70 per month — which is pretty much on par with other major carriers in the U.S.

Unfortunately, also like the other major carriers, Google’s plan also comes with some fine print. Namely, video may be limited to 480p, and any data over 22GB may be throttled — though if you want that data un-throttled you can pay an extra $10 per 1GB.

For customers with multiple lines, there are discounts for those extra lines. For two lines, you’ll pay $60 per line, while three lines come at $50 per line. Four to six lines cost $45 per line, which is a pretty great deal.

Still, there are some other benefits to the new Google Fi Unlimited plan too. For example, Google will give customers a free 100GB Google One membership, though that really only saves users $2 per month.

It’s important to note that Google’s previous plan is still available. That plan is now under the “Flexible” name, and still allows users to pay $20 plus $10 for every 1GB used; they’ll still get reimbursed for any data that goes unused during the month. For those that use lower amounts of data every month, that’s a pretty great deal, as it means that you’ll really only pay for the data that you use.

Google Fi also offers some great perks for those that travel a lot, as there are no added fees for data while roaming. There is an international calling rate, which comes in at $0.20 per month.

Google also announced a few Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL deals — though they’ll only last until September 18. Notably, you can get a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL at half price if you buy it and activate it on Google Fi. Of course, that seems kind of like a scheme to get rid of Pixel 3 stock ahead of the Pixel 4 launch on October 15 — but it’s still a pretty sweet deal for a really great phone.

You can sign up for Google Fi yourself straight from the Google Fi website.

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