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Android 10 update seemingly breaks Wi-Fi on the Google Pixel 2

The launch of Apple’s iOS 13 may have been a pretty buggy release, but it looks like the launch of Android 10 wasn’t perfect either. According to new reports, Android 10 is breaking the Google Pixel 2’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

A Google support thread notes that hundreds of Pixel 2 users are experiencing Wi-Fi issues after having updated to Android 10 — and the only way to resolve the issue seems to be factory resetting it. Some users claim that their device connects to a Wi-Fi network but can’t actually access the internet, while others suggest that Wi-Fi connections seemingly randomly drop. Interestingly, it seems like there is a range of Wi-Fi issues on the Pixel 2 after updating, instead of one issue that affects everyone.

The thread notes that while Google has yet to issue a fix for the problem, some have been able to get replacement devices running Android 9. Of course, that’s not really a permanent solution, as Google will want Pixel 2 users to be able to use the latest and greatest version of Android.

Thankfully, not all Pixel 2 users seem to be experiencing the issues. Android Authority notes that its Pixel 2 seems to be connecting fine to Wi-Fi after the Android 10 update. As such, it’s currently not known exactly why the issue is only affecting some customers.

It’s likely that Google will eventually release a patch for the issue — though a timeline for that patch is currently unknown.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have suffered from other issues too, and some of them are also related to Wi-Fi. Users on Reddit have noted Wi-Fi dropouts on the Pixel 2 since launch, and while there’s no official fix, some have noted that restarting their phone helped. Others suggest that a recent software issue helped, so if you’re experiencing issues, it’s worth checking to make sure your device has the latest software update. To do that, head to Settings > System > System Update.

Generally speaking, Android 10 has been pretty well-received. The new operating system brings a systemwide Dark Mode to compatible devices, along with new gesture controls, personalized themes, and more. To see if your phone is compatible with Android 10, check out our full list of devices.

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