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Google rolls out new discovery feature for its Google Search app on iOS

Google Search
On Tuesday, Google rolled out a new feature for its Google Search app on iOS. While on a webpage using the iOS version, users will now see suggestions related to the content they’re currently reading.

With the Google Search app, you’re already able to find answers to your questions, search what you’re interested in, and scroll through a feed of stories and updates on topics you find important. The more you use it, the more insight it’s able to gain on your favorite types of content to read, permitting greater personalization.

Its latest feature now gives users even more of an excuse to stay on the app longer. Instead of using your mobile web browser to search related topics, the Google Search app will do the work for you with suggested articles.

When you’re on the app and have scrolled to the end of an article, swiping back up will reveal a “People also view” window. You can then swipe left to reveal more articles related to the topic you’re reading about. Otherwise, the window will be hidden from view so that you’re left to your reading.

After choosing another article from the list, you can access the link by simply tapping on it without having to leave the app. From there, the same process continues — which could possibly end in spending more time on the app than intended.

This latest feature on Google Search is clearly meant more for in-depth reading than just finding the answers to quick queries. By providing you with articles to constantly click through, it’s a tool you that’s more conducive to general — or in-depth — research.

Last month, the company released a similar feature for its mobile image search results to also increase discovery. By searching a specific item such as a cupcake in Image Search, your results include a badge icon in the bottom-left hand corner for recipes, GIFs, videos, and more.

Google isn’t the only company utilizing this kind of discovery tool for its users. This fall, eBay is set to launch its own image-based search tool that allows users to find and purchase items through eBay using pictures instead of words.

As for Google’s latest search and discover feature, it’s currently only available for use in the U.S. on iOS. The company plans to expand to more languages and locations in the future.

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