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Google’s new feature helps you discover more through Image Search

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Google is now making it easier to find more information through your mobile image search results. The company announced that as of Tuesday, your image search results include icons in the corner of the photos indicating more information.

The new feature is specifically meant to help users discover more through their search results and suggest actions they can take. For instance, if you search for cupcakes in Image Search some of your results will include a badge in the bottom-left corner for recipes, videos, and GIFs, among other results.

Last week, eBay announced a slightly similar update to its mobile app that also expands the use of image-based search. Rolling out in the fall, users will be able to find and purchase items through eBay using pictures instead of words.

The eBay app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find any item you search for. If you’re out on the go and spot a pair of shoes you are interested in but don’t know the exact name, you can take a photo and upload it to the eBay app. The features will apparently be able to match you with the exact product along with similar items.

By adding new features to its search tools, eBay and Google are essentially keeping users from leaving its platforms. After searching for and finding an item through eBay, you can then purchase it straight from the app. With Google’s new badges, the feature eliminates having to click through to another page — by simply tapping on the badge, you can pull up more in-depth information without losing your place within the results.

Google has clearly been busy updating its apps — on Monday, the company unveiled new features for the Gboard app on iOS. The iOS version integrates the Maps and YouTube apps into the keyboard, making it easier to send your location and videos without having to exit the messenger window. Other features include a drawing tool along with additional foreign language options to choose from.

Google’s new badges are available on the Google app for Android along with your mobile web browser. As of now, users will not see the update on their desktop image search.

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